CIA Pompeo Met With N. Korea Kim Jong Un

CIA Director Pompeo met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un over Easter weekend

by TUT editor

Trump says the U.S. has ‘started talking to North Korea directly’

ed note–an extremely important story for several reasons.

Remember just a few months back, when all of the sudden, from seemingly out of nowhere, the talk of the world was the likely war between the US and N-NK, nuclear NOrth Korea. Trump and KJU were trading insults back and forth, and the JMSM was doing its damndest to convince everyone that Trump was a madman about to start WWIII.

However, there were a few of us, and I do mean a few, who were telling everyone to calm down, that there was something more going on behind the scenes and that–at east as far as Trump was concerned/involved–war was not on the horizon. We speculated that all the noise was there for public consumption in getting everyone in the ‘proper mood’ so that Trump could go forward with his plans, which were, in the final analysis–aimed at AVOIDING WWIII rather bringing it about.

Naturally, save for a few enlightened souls, we were not only ignored, but excoriated for doing so. The bleating, blathering nonsense from all the ‘experts’ was that Trump was out to start WWIII because this was what Djooooz wanted him to do, being after all, as he was/is, ‘owned’ by them.

Please get this through your heads folks, all of you falling into the aforementioned ‘experts’ category–of the many question marks that surround/define Trump, the one area where there is no room for doubt is his desire to avoid war, whether it is with N-NK, Iran, Russia, Syria, or wherever. This is the primary reason that Djooz want him gone, not only because of Israel’s particular long-term geo-political plans in the Middle East, but as well because in the general sense war is the Jews’ harvest. All the other issues–gun control, trade deals, the border wall, immeeegrayshun, abortion, etc, are of minor importance to them relative to Trump’s posture vis a vis the issue of war.

And, once again, we remind everyone of this due to the fact that–tragically–a depressingly-high percentage of self-described ‘truthers’ find themselves standing in solidarity with the very same war party otherwise known as the Neo-Conservatives whom they claim to oppose vis a vis their ceaseless screeching about Trump and how he is out to start WWIII.

No, he isn’t. The noises and gestures he makes–including bombing abandoned airfields–are there for show, something which he is forced by political circumstances beyond his control to do due to the fact that the American people are just too stupid for any president to sit down and have a reasoned, rational conversation with them that basically goes thus–

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TUT editor | 04/18/2018 at 9:34 | Cat

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