American Public Outsmarted by the ‘Jews’ Every Time!

US: Assad regime must be ‘held accountable’ for suspected chlorine attack

by TUT editor

Washington blasts Moscow over support for Syrian president as 70 killed in Douma; medics say poisonous gas used on civilians

ed note–before all the usual suspects react to this with their typical ‘NYUH-HUH…NYUH-HUH’ (a little phrase made famous by the irreplaceable Mike Piper) please keep in mind a few facts.

The American people are–tragically–now the dumbest people in the world. With only few exceptions, they wander around aimlessly looking for their latest ‘meal’ in the form of some trivial, tabloidesque distraction like the mindless zombies featured in the Walking Dead who wander around in search of human flesh to eat. Even Trump’s supporters–not the least of which are the largest voting block in America numbering over 90 million, the Christian Evangelicals–have bought into all the Judaic propaganda concerning Assad, Syria, and anyone deemed an ‘EOI’–enemy of Israel.

The point is, just as it was a year ago with the ‘gas attack’ that resulted in Trump firing a slew of missiles at a for-the-most-part empty airfield in Syria to ‘punish’ Assad, unfortunately he can’t have a rational, reasonable, fact-filled conversation with the American people or his supporters and say to them ‘Look, Assad didn’t do this. Israel did it because of my decision to pull American troops out of Syria’ and expect it to go over well, as Judea Inc would then use this to try and drive a wedge between him and the large groups that make up his biggest base of support.

Instead, he has to ‘play the game’. He has to say nasty things about Assad, Putin, Iran, etc because if he doesn’t, then his enemies out to bring him down will then use it as ‘proof’ that he is ‘Putin’s puppet’ and that he is ‘owned by the Russians’, or, as they tried to do with Obama, make the accusation that he is a ‘secret Muslim’.

It is for this reason that we have–unfortunately with little success–warned those making up ‘duh muuvmnt’ not to add their voices to those trying to corner Trump into executing certain actions, utilizing their well-organized screeching campaigns that take place against him on a daily basis. Remember that a few days ago, Trump was adamant that the US role in Syria was over and that it was time to bring the boys home. Now however the dynamic has changed and he has been put into a corner that all but necessitates some type of response on his part that could set into motion a series of events with unintended consequences, not the least of which is an all-out shooting war with Russia and Iran. Read more of this post

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