Youtube Terminates Natural News Wiping Out 1700+ Videos & 350,000 Followers
YouTube deletes entire Health Ranger channel in latest censorship outrage
Mike Adams YouTube’s censorship rampage is now spinning out of control.

On Saturday, they terminated my entire video channel, wiping out 1700+ videos and 350,000+ followers.

Read the full details here.

While YouTube gladly hosts murder videos, animal cruelty videos and videos that demand the killing of police, they’ve wiped out all my videos on farm donkeys, chickens and home gardening.

Wow. Censorship is now totally out of control.

Read more in this post.

This all happened immediately after I posted an article exposing YouTube’s assault on your ability to think for yourself. Are we living under Communist China or something? Help us fight back against tyranny and censorship.

Full details in this article.

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