Why is George Soros Buying District Attorneys?


Why is George Soros Buying District Attorneys?

SorosLast week the effort to turn Texas Blue failed in spectacular fashion. For weeks, the Democrat party believed they would be able to turn out more primary voters in Texas than Republicans. The leading Democrat to challenge Sen. Ted Cruz (R) in the general election believed he would come close to or equal the primary numbers of Cruz. When the election was over it was a slaughter, but a local District Attorney race in Bexar County, county with San Antonio, is the most interesting race in the state. Why is George Soros buying District Attorneys around the country?Over the last few years, progressive billionaire George Soros has dumped millions of dollars into district attorney races around the country. Soros has used his considerable finances and political clout to challenge district attorneys that do not fit into his progressive ideological agenda.

  1. 2015, Scott Colom and Robert Shuler Smith, $400,000
  2. 2016, Andrew Warren, Hillsborough County, Fla.
  3. 2016, Kim Foxx, Cook County, Ill.
  4. 2016, Kim Ogg, Harris County, Texas $600,000
  5. 2016, Aramis Ayala, Orlando, Fla., $1.4 million
  6. 2017, Larry Krasner Philadelphia, Pa., $1.45 million
  7. 2018, Joe Gonzales Bexar County, Texas, $958,000

There is a noticeable pattern in the races. The Soros groups come in and dump large amounts of money in the final moments of the campaign. The link between the Soros funds and the candidate are only discovered after the election is held.

Another pattern is the noticeable politics of the elected officials. These are not law and order politicians. Not only are they Democrats, but they are also hard left progressives. Soros contributes the funds through his Open Society Foundation and the over 100 organizations his money controls:

  • American Immigration Council: This non-profit organization is a prominent member of the open-borders lobby. It advocates expanded rights and amnesty for illegal aliens residing in the U.S.
  • Fair Immigration Reform Movement: This is the open-borders arm of the Center for Community Change.
  • Faithful America: This organization promotes the redistribution of wealth, an end to enhanced interrogation procedures vis a vis prisoners-of-war, the enactment of policies to combat global warming, and the creation of a government-run health care system.
  • Immigration Advocates Network: This alliance of immigrant-rights groups seeks to “increase access to justice for low-income immigrants and strengthen the capacity of organizations serving them.”
  • National Council of La Raza (Now Unidos US 55): This group lobbies for racial preferences, bilingual education, stricter hate-crime laws, mass immigration, and amnesty for illegal aliens.
  • National Immigration Forum: Opposing the enforcement of present immigration laws, this organization urges the American government to “legalize” en masseall illegal aliens currently in the United States who have no criminal records, and to dramatically increase the number of visas available for those wishing to migrate to the U.S. The Forum is particularly committed to opening the borders to unskilled, low-income workers, and immediately making them eligible for welfare and social service programs.

These are just a few of the more high-profile organizations, but they all have similar missions. They want open borders, amnesty for all illegal immigrants in the U.S., and want to free criminals from prison in the shape of prison reform. None of the positions are very popular, which is why officials do not campaign on them and the Soros money comes in late in the game. By the time people realize Soros is backing their official, the election has already happened.

If you want to know how the communities are doing that are under the thumb of Soros controlled politicians there are examples all around the nation:

  • Recently in Denver, an illegal immigrant was released by local law enforcement despite an ICE detainer after being arrested for a hit and run that killed the other driver.
  • The Mayor of Oakland acted as a gang lookout for hundreds of illegal immigrant criminals by warning them of an impending ICE raid. Illegal immigrants convicted of child sex crimes, assault, and drug trafficking.
  • Alternative charges and sentencing of illegal immigrants to avoid reporting criminals to ICE. This creates two justice systems, one for citizens and one for illegal immigrants in which the illegal immigrants are given lesser punishments.

And let us not forget California, a state wholly owned by Soros, was just named the state with the worst quality of life by U.S. News. Sounds like wonderful communities to live in don’t they.

District Attorney races do not usually garner much national attention, but the Republican National Committee should start paying attention. George Soros is spending millions to destroy the U.S. justice system. If he cannot do it through Congress or the Presidency, he will do it through local law enforcement. His bought and paid for politicians are releasing criminal illegal immigrants onto the streets to continue targeting innocents. They are turning cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles into open sewers of human feces and drug paraphernalia. George Soros and his organizations may be the most dangerous non-governmental entities in the world.

From – Daily Torch – by Printus LeBlanc

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