Why Does ZIONIST Israel Antagonize the Nations? Extreme Malignant Narcissism-Mental Illness!

Why does tiny Israel antagonize the nations?

by TUT editor

Haman couldn’t stand the Jews and neither can his modern-day counterparts.

ed note–as you read this, put aside the emphasis which our unesteemed Hebraic author places upon the Islamic world (which he is obviously doing for no reason other than the fact that it is politically acceptable to be anti-Islamic these days) and focus on both the abject arrogance and narcissism/anti-Gentile hatred that permeates and exudes from his words like stink off of a corpse.

He does not merely describe Israel as an equal member within the community of nations, but rather as ‘the finest’. He likens it to Greece, with all the accomplishments that the Hellenic civilization brought to the 4 corners of human history, going so far as the equate the Jewish state as being a ‘nation of philosophers’ that is ‘like no other’. He describes the Gentile nations of the world as being ‘unable to engage in reasoned speech or dialogue’, despite the fact that the Jews employ a world-wide army of rabid hasbaratchiks, terrorists, and censors to make sure that ‘reasoned speech and dialogue’ are not permitted to take place and where Gentiles (and a handful of Jews) are shouted down, threatened with physical injury and/or death, are fired from their jobs and in some cases are thrown into prison for daring to ‘engage in reasoned speech and dialogue’ by revealing facts and truths which obviously Israel and her feral, insane and inbred people do not like.

Where he is correct however–as accidental as it may be–is in describing Israel as an eternal irritant to the rest of the world. Thus it has been since (according to the narrative described in what is considered the most authoritative Judaic source of all, the Torah) Abraham and Sarah were expelled from Egypt after it was learned that ol’ Abe lied to Pharaoh about Sarah being merely his sister when in fact she was his wife.

As we say here often, the world simply cannot wait for the Jews as a people to figure out just how detached from reality they are, a situation that unfortunately has been aided in large part over the millenia by those who willingly and yet irrationally give Judaism a place of respect at the table of philosophies that have benefited the human condition that in fact is not warranted. It is a form of mental illness, plain and simple, and until sane people begin the process of diagnosing it as such, the future of human existence will remain a question mark that grows in size every single day.

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