Trump Appointed Bolton Because Republicans Desperately Need Adelson’s (ZIONIST) Money

Trump appointed Bolton because Republicans desperately need Adelson’s money

by TUT editor

Pictured is Sheldon Adelson on the $100 bill.

ed note–please keep in mind that Phillip Weiss, being one of those ‘good Jews’ on the left who opposes Zionism, is no friend of Trump in the least. He has every reason to ascribe Trump’s latest gamble in appointing Bolton the Barbarian as National Security Advisor to Trump’s wanting to start WWIII rather than to take a more measured, rational approach in deconstructing exactly what it is Trump is aiming to do.

The bottom line is that a year ago, Trump would not even meet with Bolton. He knew then, just as he knows now–exactly what Bolton represented–more war for Israel–that Trump has made into his personal mission of averting.

So the obvious question is, what gives? Why the sudden turnaround in appointing a creature like Bolton to such a sensitive post?

As with all things, there are several possibilities–

1. Trump has appointed him with the intention of allowing Bolton to f*** everything up to the point that he is than fired in a very dramatic way, which seems to be a staple with this new administration,

2. That Trump is planning on doing something very soon that he knows is sure to piss off the Jews, most likely his ‘ultimate’ peace deal with the Palestinians, and therefore is throwing them a bone to gnaw on so that they will not engage in their reflexive and axiomatic screeching of ‘NEW HITLER’ everytime any politician does anything to try and bring some rationality to the situation with the Palestinians,

3. That–as Mondoweiss notes–Trump is trying to curry the favor of Adelson and his money as a means of helping out the Republicans in the midterm elections that are only half a year away and which could turn a Republican held congress into a Democratic one that would impeach Trump on the very first day of that Congress’ new term, or

$. That Trump is slowly but surely being broken down, piece by piece, as a result of all the noise and pressure being put upon him, not only by organized Jewish interests, but as well by a group of people who claim to know better and indeed who should know better, and we all know who that ‘group’ is.

In whatever case it happens to be, the one thing we know for sure is that this was not a move Trump wanted to make, because if it were, Bolton would have been in there from the very beginning, and, as we know from Bolton’s own testimony, a year ago he wasn’t even allowed within a mile of the new President. Read more of this post

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