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Times Caption: Ben Edelman and Jessica Hecht as a high-school senior and his mother, whose liberal beliefs are challenged during college-application season in Joshua Harmon’s “Admissions.”

NY Times: Review: Skewering White Pieties About Diversity in ‘Admissions’


Surprisingly, based on this theater review of the off-Broadway play, “Admissions,” — the show itself appears to satirically mock the libtard obsession with diversity. Evidently, Jewish libtards, when amongst themselves, can get away with a bit of humorous self-analysis — sort of like when Black folk call each other “my nigga.”

From the review:

“In her 15 years as the head of admissions at Hillcrest boarding school in New Hampshire, Sherri Rosen-Mason has increased the student body’s diversity quotient threefold: to 18 percent from 6 percent. When it looks as if that percentage is about to climb even higher, her husband, Bill Mason, the head of the school, brings home a bottle of white wine to celebrate.

That’s a daring choice for a play about racial representation, but it’s a dare that pays off. Despite some flaws common to its genre, “Admissions” is an extraordinarily useful and excruciating satire — of the left, by the left, for the left — for today.

The satire is largely aimed at the kind of pieties about inclusion that are espoused by woke white liberals. In “Admissions,” these liberals include not just smug Sherri (Jessica Hecht) and Bill (Andrew Garman) but also their excitable teenage son (Ben Edelman), a high-achieving senior at Hillcrest.

Named Charlie Luther Mason — the “Luther,” naturally, for Martin Luther King — he is by upbringing if not by temperament a believer in the amicable coexistence of meritocracy and diversity. But when he gets deferred from his holy of holies, Yale — and, worse, when his best friend, Perry, gets in — that faith instantly crumbles. After all, Perry’s SAT scores weren’t as good, and he takes only two A.P. classes while Charlie takes three.

Is it relevant to add that Perry is black?”

Charlie certainly thinks he (Perry) was black enough for Yale, and accepted for that reason. In an astonishing 17-minute howl of disappointment, he undoes a lifetime of indoctrination as he dissects the logical fallacies on which, he feels, his parents’ values — and Yale’s, and Hillcrest’s — are based.


Image result for admissions play lincoln center  Image result for admissions play lincoln center

After being turned down from Yale and then learning that his less qualified bi-racial friend was accepted, Charlie turns against the libtarded “values” he was raised on.


Were it not for the creepy commie company sure to be in attendance at the Lincoln Center, that description almost makes your reporter here want to take the Mrs. out to “the city” for a show and some eats. But whereas libtarded Manhattanites might find this “satire” cute and comical, the reality of “diversity”  is no laughing matter. That’s because the corollary of “diversification” necessarily entails the deliberate, pre-meditated, wholesale racial discrimination against Whites in general, and White males in particular. In plain English, “diversity”  is a code-word for: “Let’s get rid of the White guys.”

Now, of course, conservatards have long recognized this basic deductive fact about “diversity” . And, if this play is any indication, perhaps some adversely affected libtards are finally figuring it out as well. Though “attention” is an important element of the “AIDA” marketing pyramid (Attention – Interest – Desire – Action) — we will never progress through the remaining three steps until the true power and the true motive behind “diversity”  are widely understood. You see, contrary to what most believe, “diversity” ™ was never about helping the “people of color”  while hurting White people as an unintended consequence. No. Precicesly the opposite is true. “Diversity”  is all about hurting White people while only helping certain “people of color”  as an unintended consequence. Now who would want to do such a dastardly thing? Hmmmmm?

Answer: the usual suspects.


Related imageRelated image Image result for mlk civil rights act

“I have a scheme!”  — Hymie used his trusted agents Marxist Loser King and Lyndon Baines Johnson to impose the 1964 “Civil Rights Act” upon American employers. Fearful of discrimination lawsuits, more and more businesses began hiring token unqualified “people of color”  at the expense of White men. Today, the concept of voluntary “diversity”  has taken the organized dispossession of Whites to a shocking new level.


Though technically, in a purely melanin sense, Jews count as “Whites,” the Tribe remains mostly immune to the weeding out process of “diversification.” Whatever collateral damage they might sustain due to being “White,” is more than offset by the protective sympathy they derive from playing the persecution card — especially the Holohoax! And when it comes to admission at the nation’s elite universities, you can be sure that the fellow tribesmen who sit on admission boards will look out for their up and coming synagogue brothers and sisters.

Perhaps that is why the disproportionately Jewish producers and promoters of “Admissions” can enjoy a good laugh over such a play. The policy of “diversity” hurts European Whites more than Jews. Ha ha!


Image result for jews in harvard Image result for jews in harvard Related image

The chosenites don’t seem to be adversely affected by “diversity.” Why is that?

Boobus Americanus 1: I read a review in the New York Times about a new play at the Lincoln Center. The show is a satirical portrayal of a White liberal student’s reaction to being denied admission to Yale while his Black friend got in.

Boobus Americanus 2: Interesting. The transformation to a more diverse society is not without certain necessary growing pains.

    Image result for south africa white squatters

Sugar Boobuss, you frickin’ ass-clown! Ask these poor ssquatter-camp Whites in Ssouth Africa about the final desstination point of Jew-insspired “diverssity!” 

 Editor: A glimpse of the what the West’s future holds for Boobus’ grandkids. So sad.

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