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MONDAY / MARCH 12, 2018

Longxiao Li, pictured in his apartment, placed a poster at New York University’s MetroTech campus in Brooklyn in protest of a plan to let President Xi Jinping of China serve indefinitely.

NY Times: Far From Home and Censors, Some Chinese Students Protest Xi’s Power Move


Since the days of the “spontaneous” revolutions of 1848 — aka “The Springtime of the Peoples” — the master plotters of the New World Order have always manipulated the idealism and stupidity of “the students” to swell their fighting ranks. A description of the book, The Students of Paris and the Revolution of 1848,” by Professor John G. Gallaher”

“In the February revolution of 1848, French students and their allies from the Latin Quarter stirred a peaceful crowd at the Madeleine into a turbulent mob marching on the Chamber of Deputies. Students constructed, manned, and even commanded barricades throughout Paris while medical students cared for the wounded of both sides.”

It was the same throughout Europe and South America during that pivotal year, and has been ever since. There were the “student protests”  of the 1960’s “hippies,” and “student protests”  throughout Eastern Europe and China’s Tianenman Square in 1989. More recently, we witnessed students acting up during the Arab Spring and the failed Umbrella Revolution of Hong Kong and Green Revolution of Iran — just to name a few.

Image result for 1848 protests students Image result for 1848 protests students paris Image result for 1848 protests sicily

1848: Vienna — Paris — Sicily

The “spontaneous” revolts were actually  engineered by an unseen force (cough cough) which capably used workers and students to do the dirty work of weakening the existing regimes of Europe.


As tools of higher unknown handlers, “student protesters”  serve as the perfect battering ram to be used against a targeted government or policy. That’s because half-educated young know-it-alls, aka the so-called “best and the brightest,” are just smart enough to see that matters of state and society can always be improved; just dumb enough and inexperienced enough to not see that they are being used by forces with ulterior motives; conceited enough to believe that their silly little tantrums will bring about “change”  in the world, and have enough free time on their hands to participate in demonstrations — especially if they can pocket a few shekels for doing so.

And after the glorious “change”  comes to fruition, the little brats are discarded like used-up lemons — soon to be replaced for the next “cause” by the next crop of graduating “gifted & talented” High School brats. Naturally, as the world’s leading organ of N.W.O. propaganda, count on Sulzberger’s Slimes to always glorify “student protests”  all across the globe.
Without the hype of the Slimes and the rest of Piranha Press behind them, these clueless commie kiddies would never be heard.


The latest CIA college ploy involves organizing Chinese students studying in the United States into political activism against the “authoritarianism”  of China’s president, Xi Jinping. Just last week, this article informs us, posters in protest of a proposal to allow  Xi to serve indefinitely began to “spontaneously” appear at several colleges across the country. From the article:

“Never My President” said the poster that Longxiao Li, 24, put up on Thursday in the library at New York University’s MetroTech campus in Brooklyn. The words were superimposed over a face of Mr. Xi, and were a reference, Mr. Li said, to the lack of democratic elections in China.”

A Twitter handle — @stopxijinping — has also “spontaneously” popped-up and gained about 1,350 followers already. Zionist sock-puppet Senator Marco Rubio’s duly retweeted it. But the Slimes’ efforts to reach the people behind that campaign were unsuccessful. Hmmmm.

There are more than 300,000 Chinese students studying in the United States every year. Most of them are so engrossed in their scientific studies that they don’t really care about politics, and a large number who support the Chinese government have proved more than capable of countering the propaganda of the libtard Chinese on campus.


Image result for @stopxijinpingImage result for @stopxijinpingImage result for cia

The anti-China “Not My President” student campaign on U.S. college campuses stinks of CIA!

This “student protest”  scam-scenario has been re-run more times than old episodes of “I Love Lucy” — and still the commie kiddies never seem to figure it out. You see, the genius of the scam lies in the fact that by the time some of these chumps grow up, get jobs, and shed, or at least partially shed, their libtard ideology and/or activist passion; there will always a new crop of 17 & 18-year old malleable minds arriving on campus. This new bunch of pimple-faced idiots, puffed-up in their own minds by high SAT scores and/or the “achievement” of college acceptance, are no match for the smooth-talking and soul-wrecking pinko professors who anxiously await the budding new “intellectuals.”

That’s how this ghoulish game, this fiendish fraud, this seditious scam of “student uprisings”  really works — and the scheming scum at The New York Slimes all know it. Fortunately, the CIA’s latest effort to incite legions of libtarded brats to protest China will fail miserably. It isn’t easy to overthrow an “authoritarian”  state — which is why Globalists prefer “democracy” .

The University of CIA at Langley offers fellowship programs all across the globe.
Hong Kong / USA / Chile
Egypt / Iran / Italy
Germany / Malaysia / Australia
Ukraine / Hungary / Brazil Image result for turkey student protests
Myanmar (Burma) / Bulgaria / Turkey

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that a spontaneous movement has popped-up among Chinese students studying in America. It seems the students are really pissed off at Jinping’s power-grab.

Boobus Americanus 2: That’s wonderful! Once these Chinese kids get a taste of American democracy, they will change the future of China.



Sugar Don’t bet on it, Boobusss. Soros and the CIA have been playing the student card in China for more than thirty years now.

 Editor: Xi and his nationalist friends are here to stay, and Sulzberger’s scribblers know it.

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