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        MARCH, 2018   1 FED RESERVE NOTE


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Times Caption: Representative Daniel Lipinski, a conservative-leaning Democrat from Illinois, is in a fierce primary fight for his House seat.

NY Times: As Primaries Begin, Divided Voters Weigh What It Means to Be a Democrat



* This rebuttal should in no way be taken as an endorsement of the useless Republican’t Party.

There appears to be a civil war brewing within the Demoncrap Party — a “mopping up” operation is probably a better way to describe it. The generally older, 90% communist faction of the Party’s Congressional members — absurdly referred to by the Slimes and hard-core libtards as “conservative leaning Democrats,” now finds itself under attack from the generally younger purist Trotskyites. The article describes the plight of Chicago Democrat Congressman Daniel Lipinski — a solid libtard with an 87 score (out of 100) according to (here) (In contrast, the most liberal Republicans are rated in the 20’s) 

From the article:

“When Representative Daniel Lipinski, a conservative-leaning Democrat and scion of Chicago’s political machine, agreed to one joint appearance last month with his liberal primary challenger, the divide in the Democratic Party was evident in the audience that showed up.

Mr. Lipinski’s outnumbered supporters were the diminished lunch-pail Democrats that once dominated his Southside district. Those of his rival, Marie Newman, came from the party’s ascendant coalition — young progressives and women like Elizabeth Layden, a Patagonia-clad teacher who explained her opposition to Mr. Lipinski in blunt terms.

“Because he’s a dinosaur, ’cause he’s a phony, ’cause he’s a Republican who claims to be a Democrat,” said Ms. Layden, 49, who has been making phone calls and knocking on doors to help unseat Mr. Lipinski, a seven-term House member, in the primary race this month. “Hello, women’s rights, and hello, my reproductive rights. Get out of my uterus.”

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Demoncrap Lipinksi’s Marxist rating of 87 is not pure enough. Demoncrap challenger Marie Newman will get that seat’s voting record up to 99-100.


As to the question embedded within this story’s headline, allow Sugar and Me, er, “The Editorial Board” of The Anti-New York Times, to clarify the posed question regarding “what it means to be a Democrat.” We have that answer for “youse guys,” and do hereby present the qualifications necessary for serving the Party of the donkey’s ass.


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The Ten Commandments of a Demoncrap


1. You shall always support massive government spending, massive deficits, high taxes, endless money printing, and any regulatory scheme or executive mandate that will increase and consolidate the dictatorial power of the Federal government.

2. You shall always blame the ensuing economic dislocation and inevitable hardship caused by the 1st Commandment upon “the rich” and the business class. Rub raw the wounds of public discontent and then present your yourself as the benefactor of downtrodden humanity while rolling out the next program for government expansion.

3. You shall always support the killing of unborn babies — referring to them as “fetuses” — right up until the 9th month of pregnancy and even afterwards. Selling the organs for cash is an added bonus.

4. You shall always support, promote and protect insanity, ugliness, godlessness, perversion and depravity of any kind — including abstract art, degenerate music, literature and film, pornography, adultery, graphic sex-education for children, promiscuity, the glorification of the “single mom,” child pornography, homosexuality, lesbianism, cross-dressing and even, albeit it with necessary caution, bestiality and the raping of children.

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5. You shall always support any incremental step toward the ultimate abolition of private firearm ownership. Use “the children” as your main front for this project.

6. You shall always support any incremental step toward the ultimate blending out and murdering off of the White Race. This includes discrimination, imposed under the high-sounding name of “diversity,” against White college applicants and job candidates; the agitation of Blacks, Browns, Asians and Jews into envying and hating Whites; the tearing down of the memory of famous historical White personages; and the constant guilt-shaming of Whites into self-hatred.

7. You shall always support unlimited legal and illegal immigration from the Turd World, along with the welfare programs and voter registration that follow.


Image result for gun ban Image result for white genocide Image result for migrant invasion


8. You shall always support any incremental step toward, or organization working for the establishment of an all powerful one-world government.

9. You shall always work toward the feminization and dis-empowerment of males, and, conversely, the masculinization and empowerment of females, with the ultimate objective being the effective abolition of marriage the traditional family.

10. You shall always promote and never deviate from the fake sciences of St. Hawking’s Bing Bangism, St. Darwin’s Evolution, St. Einstein’s Curved Space Relativity, and St. Gore’s manmade CO2 based Global Warming / Climate Change.

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Evidently, as we see in the case of Mr. Lipinski, just following the Satan/Marx 10 Commandments for being a loyal Demoncrap, as he had faithfully done since winning his seat back in 2005, is still not enough to earn demonic sainthood. The Demoncrap must express sufficient zeal while committing evil, and not even throw so much as an occasional rhetorical bone or meaningless vote to any “moderate” voters. Sorry Mr. Lipinski, but 87% libtardness is not good enough for the Party of Satan & Marx.
A reader of Hungarian descent described this familiar phenomenon for us:

“My Hungarian grandfather told me how the Communist Party in Hungary, and every country for that matter, operated through fear. You could NEVER be hardcore enough. If you wanted to be anybody in that society, whether it be a member of the Party, military officer, intelligence officer, etc, you had to display complete and total unnerving devotion to the ideals of Marx-Lenin. If someone accused you of having bourgeoisie sympathies, even if fabricated, you could disappear in the middle of the night and never be seen again. Just like what Stalin did in the 20s, executing former Red Army veterans/officers, that’s how you stayed alive in such a country. What a total nightmare.”

*Editor’s note: Yes, a total nightmare. But at least the old Soviet-style communists didn’t seek to exterminate their peoples bloodlines.

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that conservative Democrats are facing primary challenges from younger progressives.

Boobus Americanus 2: Interesting. I didn’t even know there were still conservatives left in the Democrat Party.



Sugar There actually aren’t, Boobuss. In fact, there aren’t even any frickin’ ssane and normal people left in the Demoncrap Party. 

 Editor: If the likes of Lipinski is actually considered “conservative leaning” by these young “progressives,” then they can only be described, without exxageration, as deranged communist terrorists.

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