Poland: Germany May Owe Us $850 Billion For WWII War Crimes

POLAND – Polish official: Germany may owe us $850 billion for WWII war crimes

by TUT editor

ED-NOTE – The German occupation of Catholic Poland was exceptionally brutal, far more brutal than their occupation of Catholic France, because the Germans considered the Slavic nations in general and the Poles in particular to be racially inferior. We all know about the Jews in the camps – how can we NOT? Every now and again, we are reminded about the Gypsies and the gay holocaust with their pink triangle. And that’s about it, as if there were no other ‘ethnic’ or religious groups who were sent and sometimes died in the camps.

If we follow the official narrative, 11 million people died in the camps, 5 million of whom were non-Jews. While many scholars have questioned the 6 million Jews aspect of the narrative, none of them has yet raised any question about the 5 million non-Jews, leading us to think that these are real 5 million. Who were they? Where were they come from? What religion were they? Though we shall perhaps never be able to have their exact number, the one thing for sure is that the overwhelming majority of them were Catholic Poles.

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TUT editor | 03/03/2018 at 9:3

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