Note to The Ugly Truth Readers on This Crucifixion Friday

Note to TUT readers on this Crucifixion Friday

by TUT editor

Friends, Romans, Countrymen…

Out of respect, reverence, and solemnity for what this day–Crucifixion Friday–represents and has represented for the last 2,000 years, there will be no news updates.

Furthermore we ask the readership not to post comments, but rather to reflect upon and consider the practical aspects of what this day represents in terms of its real life, up-close-and-personal political relevance, as the same group of people–driven by the very same mindset that caused them to screech madly for the release of a convicted Jewish murderer/terrorist named Barabbas while at the same time condemning an innocent man, Jesus of Nazareth, to be crucified–who are now on the rampage in remaking the world in such a way that cooperates with their insane religious worldview, and who today are not just content with seeing one innocent man crucified in satiating their bloodlust, but indeed, are out to see millions if indeed not billions of innocent people awash in their own blood as a ‘sacrifice’ to the racist, vindictive, psychopathic deity they refer to as ‘YHWH”.

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