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“Hitler Youth” now rising in America… very disturbing and dangerous
Mike Adams A “Hitler Youth” movement is now rising in America, disguised as an anti-gun movement.

In today’s shocking story, you’ll see the photographic proof that Hogg, the fascist leader of the “Hitler Youth” movement, is promoting Nazi-style armbands, Hitler-inspired salutes and Hitler-aligned goals to strip away the civil liberties of Americans.

Adolf Hitler exploited children to achieve the mass disarmament of the Jews, right before carrying on the Holocaust that murdered millions. Now, we are seeing almost the exact same language, seething rage and radical calls for government control in America.

Read the full, shocking article here, and share everywhere.

P.S. Google is now blatantly bribing journalists to write fake news while banning independent media channels like this one (see the story below). If you are receiving this email through gmail, be sure to change your email provider to or, where our emails won’t be censored.

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