LPAC Class Series team: The “Harmony of Western and Confucian Philosophy”

The “Harmony of Western and Confucian Philosophy” is the theme for the fifth class in the LPAC New Paradigm class series.

Tomorrow, Saturday, March 31, at 2pm eastern, Mike Billington will demonstrate that knowledge of the role of Confucianism in Chinese history is crucial to understanding China’s current leadership in creating the New Paradigm. As in all cultures, the history of Chinese understandings of man and his place in the universe includes its share of conflict, in this case going back to the conflict of Confucius and Mencius against Daoism and legalism in ancient China.

Please work through Billington’s reading packet before the class. It includes a direct exposure to Confucianism, an excerpt of the work of Cusa in creating the European Renaissance, and reflections by Lyndon LaRouche and Mike Billington on the connections between these currents of thought.

As always, if you have any questions, either in advance or during the show, send them to us at classes@larouchepac.com

See you tomorrow!

LPAC Class Series team

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