LaRouchePAC: British Strategy Against Russia Can Backfire!

To anyone not a moron, the vile nature of the Skripal poisoning/anti-Russia mobilization of Prime Minister Theresa May and cohorts, is a blatant British “Great Game” maneuver to prevent the potential realization of a United States-Russia tilt to “New Silk Road” relations, for peace and development. The entire May anti-Russia international mobilization is just a new phase in the ongoing Trumpgate attempted coup, to bring down the U.S. Presidency. The British are likewise at the center of conducting that phase: MI6, Christopher Steele, Richard Dearlove, Sir Andrew Wood, Robert Mueller, and…READ MORE

March 28, 2018

Lyndon and Helga LaRouche have played a major part in shaping relations among nations for the better over the past 35 years: through LaRouche’s concept for President Reagan’s 1983 Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) and the “LaRouche Doctrine” for great-power relations that accompanied it; and through their 1989 “Eurasian Land-Bridge” campaign which contributed finally to China’s Belt and Road Initiative, now developing many nations worldwide. Throughout, the enemy of those moves toward a new paradigm of development was the City of London financial empire and British geopolitics.READ MORE

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