From LaRouchePAC: Understanding of the Philosophical Basis of China’s Outlook

The struggle to create a New Paradigm of economics and international relations demands an understanding of the philosophical basis of China’s outlook.

Next Saturday, March 31 at 2pm eastern, Mike Billington will take us on a voyage to ancient China and to renaissance Europe, to paint a picture of the outlook of Confucius and Mencius as they inform Chinese policy today. This voyage will include conflict: that between Confucianism and legalism in China, and between the outlook of Nicholas of Cusa and Aristotle in the West.

Expect to come out of the class with a greater understanding of the cultural and philosophical basis for China’s increasing leadership in the world, as through the Belt and Road Initiative.

To prepare for the class, read the packet of material assembled by Billington, including the work of Mencius, the great Confucian scholar; Nicholas of Cusa, the creator of the European Renaissance; and Lyndon LaRouche, the originator of the strategic design that has inspired the New Paradigm taking form today. The reading packet is available on the class web page.

Happy reading!  See you Saturday,

LPAC Class Series team

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