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The Economist is Owned by the Rothschild’s

The Economist lies about the Belt and Road, which it says “is partly a scheme to develop China’s troubled west, but it also creates a Chinese-funded web of influence that includes pretty much any country willing to sign up….” In their conclusions, the anonymous authors argue that “China behaves as a regional superpower bent on driving America out of East Asia…. The pace of Chinese military modernization and investment is raising doubts about America’s long-run commitment to retain its dominance in the region…. Even as China’s challenge has become overt, America has been unwilling or unable to stop it.”

Now is the time to address China’s “abuses,” The Economist warns, because it will be “more dangerous” to challenge them later. “In every sphere, therefore, policy needs to be harder edged, even as the West cleaves to the values it claims are universal. To counter China’s sharp power, Western societies should seek to shed light on links between independent foundations, even student groups, and the Chinese state. To counter China’s misuse of economic power, the West should scrutinize investments by state-owned companies and, with sensitive technologies, by Chinese companies of any kind. It should bolster institutions that defend the order it is trying to preserve.

“Rivalry between the reigning and rising superpowers need not lead to war. But Mr. Xi’s thirst for power has raised the chance of devastating instability. He may one day try to claim glory by retaking Taiwan.” What nonsense! (From Larouchepub.com EIR Daily Alert Service Dated March 1, 2018)

Wariscrime.com is an alternative media website shilling for Israel (ZIONIST) WAR PROPAGANDA

Navigating the Duality of the World

Navigating the Duality of the WorldYou have to monitor the thinker of the thoughts. Now I get it that there are a lot things happening in our global world. There are financial bubbles about to burst. Our world leaders both political and corporate are not exactly from the love team and they participate in a lot … Read full article »


Waiting for Putin and Assad to run out of people to kill. Is that our plan?  (MY Comment:  This article if full of lies about Russia’s President Putin as well as Syria’s Assad Who Does Not Want to Give in to the Zionist Globalists But Wants to Retain the Sovereignty of Syria Which is Now Debt Free as is Russia.  Globalist Bankers always like to destroy nations with debt as they have the United States.)

Waiting for Putin and Assad to run out of people to kill. Is that our plan?The response to years of atrocities enacted by the Syrian leader and his allies has been shameful. We should reconsider the use of force on them. It has been a quieter than average week in Syria. More than 400 people were killed in the unimaginably awful siege of eastern Ghouta, most … … Read full article »

Third Wave of Change, From Freedom to Slavery

Third Wave of Change, From Freedom to SlaveryThe plan to bring forth a new Soviet man right here in America, and right there in Europe, has become a chilling reality. George Lucas has even called attention to it in his latest installment of Indiana Jones. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is set in the … … Read full article »

Why does Putin want to control Ukraine? Ask Stalin

Why does Putin want to control Ukraine? Ask Stalin(My Comment:  Again this is antiPutin propaganda.  See EIRDaily Alert Service or Larouchepub Category to read the truth About Putin.)

Russia’s attitude has roots in the revolution — and in the famine that killed 13 percent of Ukrainians In February 2014, men dressed in camouflage, driving armored trucks and carrying military-issue weapons emerged from the Russian military base in Sevastopol and began streaming across the Ukrainian province of Crimea. Within hours, … … Read full article »

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