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Kinetic Culture Packets for Vegetables
Ancient Technique Makes a Potent Inexpensive Probiotic in Minutes

The Romans, Indians, Bulgarians, Asians and the people of Ukraine have used this technique for centuries to bolster their immune system. And now you can too, in just minutes, thanks to these 2 tools, which have taken several years to perfect.


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7 Inexpensive Superfoods You Can Get Now if You’re Quick

You probably haven’t heard of these before, yet just 1 cup of this will give you more than your daily requirements of vitamins A and C, another is the omega-3 powerhouse of the plant kingdom, and this gives you a handy dose of vitamin D.


superfoods for spring

How Many Almonds Are in a Glass of Almond Milk?

How many almonds does it take to make almond milk? Turns out there’s not nearly as many as you may have believed. It may be a tasty alternative for people unable to drink raw, pastured, organic milk, but is it really the ‘healthy’ beverage you’re looking for?


how many almonds in almond milk

Miraculous Platypus Milk?

Researchers from Australia’s national science agency suggest that a particular protein in platypus milk with unique antibacterial properties may be useful in the battle against antibiotic resistance, which kills at least 700,000 people worldwide each year.


platypus milk

Weekly Health Quiz: Obesity, Cycling and Salmon

Take this week’s quiz to see how well you remember what you read on Mercola.com last week.


week 21 health quiz

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Kinetic Culture Fermenting Jar Lids
An Easy, Inexpensive Solution to Making the Fermenting Process Quick, Fun and Odor-Free

Dr. Mercola’s Kinetic Culture Fermenting Jar Lids features special Carbon Filter Technology to eliminate odors while fermenting – a benefit that makes them stand out from other lids.

Spotlight of the Week

Bipolar Disorder: Everything You Need to Know About This Serious Mental Disorder

Learn more about bipolar disorder, what causes it, the common symptoms that you may encounter and the possible treatment methods that you can follow.

bipolar disorder


Mercola RecipesCheck out the top and most recent healthy food recipes and learn how to prepare nutritious foods and snacks that are based on Dr. Mercola’s optimized Nutrition Plan.

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