Beware of $100 Walmart Cards Or Other ‘FREE’ Gifts- You Will Not Get Anything For Free and the Information You Give Them Will Be All Over the Internet!

Your Personal Information Will Be All Over the Internet Including Criminal Background, Where You Live and You Will Not Be Able to Do Very Much About It!

Here is one result from a person giving out information for a ‘free’ gift card….she never received anything ‘free.’


Arrests – Official Site

Browse, search and view arrests records. Largest open database of current and former county jail inmates.




 My Comment:  Any time you apply for something for free your data is being collected for your past residences, criminal background information and websites like  and Furthermore, you will not receive a ‘free’ gift card and these unscrupulous businesses will use the information you give them and charge others to look up this information on YOU!

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