An Olive Branch From Putin; Another From Trump; and a Big Surprise From Italy


An Olive Branch from Putin; Another from Trump; and a Big Surprise from Italy

Russian President Putin during the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) Supervisory Board meeting. March 7, 2018 (

Writing yesterday about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s speech heard round the world on new Russian economic policies and new-technology strategic weapons systems, the former Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov stressed, “Russia is offering an olive branch, not nuclear war.” This is true. The sane response to Putin’s announcements is clear, and elements of it are already being advanced by some veterans of President Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI). Revive the SDI, as a crash program, based on technological cooperation between the United States and Russia, with the aim of developing missile interception     based on new physical principles and the latest plasma and directed-energy technologies.

It was presented in full in early 1984 in The LaRouche Doctrine: Draft Memorandum of Agreement between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R on conditions for peace, technology and economic policies for development of third countries, weapons policies and arms control negotiations.

Putin is now offering a second opportunity for that new paradigm of peace. The first time, the Bush-Kissinger circles redirected the SDI to merely “anti-missile missiles,” and then took the United States out of the ABM Treaty in 2002. Thinking Russia ruined, with only its strategic nuclear missile force left, the Bush plan — Obama continued it — was to ring Russia with anti-missile interceptors and knock Russia out of even the nuclear power club. Putin has just dramatically demonstrated what a strategic failure that policy was; his announcements present the opportunity to negotiate equally again as great powers. That can lead to a revived Strategic Defense Initiative, and more — to using new physical principles to defend the Earth against asteroid or meteor strikes, and to upgrade power production, industry, agriculture, medicine as LaRouche explained in 1984.

President Donald Trump, who appreciates great power relations of mutual benefit despite all attacks on him for it, also made his most explicit statements that his policy toward Korea, is cooperation with China to get direct talks with North Korea, denuclearization and peace on the Peninsula. This alone can get the desired result, if any policy can.

The President is resisting the whole of Washington in refusing to aim his trade penalties at China and Russia alone, as demanded by British imperial-style geopolitics. He has to go further, and join the United States to the new paradigm of economic development and peace represented by China’s Belt and Road Initiative. That depends on candidates and elected officials in the 2018 election campaigns demanding it, with the U.S. economic policies known as the “Four Laws” of LaRouche.

In a welcome surprise, voters in Italy have just voted for national candidates who ran on policy actions LaRouche has put forward: Glass-Steagall breakup of megabanks, and national banking to provide credit for industry and infrastructure. His movement in Italy, known as Movisol, has said in a post-election statement: “Movisol is the only force in Italy which can put together all parties, despite their differences, on these 5 points: LaRouche’s four laws and [China’s] New Silk Road. A government can, and must, be formed on the basis of this…”

These are crucial openings for a new paradigm of human progress.

President Trump, Investigate British Subversion of the USA

My Comment:  Note in bold print above Directed Energy Technology.  Is this what sectors of the United States Gov’t is using against its citizens?

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