A ‘light amongst the nations’–Violent, inbred Judaic lawmaker Oren Hazan says he would kick the face in of Palestinian teenager

by TUT editor

ed note–2 things worth remembering here–

1. Hazan is not some ‘abberation’ as some disinfo specialists would claim, saying that he is a ‘Zionist’ but not a follower of Judaism, even though even a 5 minute reading just from one Judaic book–Deuteronomy–will reveal this to be as bald-faced a lie as saying that Lady Gaga is the dictionary picture of Christian chastity and modesty.

2. Remember as well that as a member of the Knesset, he did not roll into that den of thieves in a tank. He was ELECTED by the people of Israel, a fact also giving evidence to the lie that the Jewish state is a ‘Western’ democracy and operates under ‘liberal’ values.

He is the face of Judaism and of the Jewish state and let no one convince you otherwise, because literally the question as to whether the human species continues to exist or not hinges upon people recognizing this fact, even if it is more than 4,000 years too late in coming.

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