Blotting Out Amalek-Are Jews Really Supposed to Wipe Out Nations as the Torah Commands?

‘Blotting out Amalek’ –Are we Jews really supposed to wipe out an entire nation as the Torah commands, and who are they?

by TUT editor

ed note–If in the New Testament or the Qu’ran there were a section calling upon Christians and Muslims to ‘blot out’ an entire people–men, women and children–who had attacked them, we would NEVER hear the end of it.

In fact, truth be told, we ALREADY don’t hear the end of it at all, as Jewish interests are constantly screeching about the ‘anti-Shemitism’ found in Christian and Islamic texts and how it has contributed to the undeserved suffering of GAAAAWD’S chosen people throughout the centuries.

But, back to the original point–that there is even a question being raised about the Judaic duty AS COMMANDED IN THE TORAH to exterminate an entire people–men, women, and children, is very instructive in terms of the mental illness that afflicts these people and the danger in which we all find ourselves as a result.

As a little tidbit of interesting and important information, it needs to be understood that according to Judaic ‘scholars’, the Amalekites are understood to be the descendants of Esau, the brother of Jacob (later re-named ‘Israel’) who was robbed of his rightful possessions after his brother engaged in the typically Judaic business of chicanery and lying. According to these same Judaic ‘scholars’, the modern-day descendants of Esau are–drum role please–Persia and Rome.

Therefore, the Judaic commandment AS FOUND IN THE TORAH AND NOT THE TALMUD to ‘blot out’ an entire people equates to exterminating the West and Iran. Some ‘scholars’ also include Arabs into this mix whenever it suits their argument for wiping out the Palestinians.

Now, let us just examine for a moment the direction in which our esteemed Hebraic author ultimately takes this question and answer session–That today, ‘blotting out Amalek’ should be done through the process of  imposing Judaic values upon them and thus in giving them ‘light and direction’.

In other words, ‘conversion’, cultural submersion/replacement and ‘assimilation’ with ‘Jewish values’.

This is exactly what has taken place as a result of the last century and the incontestable control (which Jewish interests claim to not possess but do) over the media, academia, and information. As a result of this drip-by-drip/drop-by-drop poisoning of the Gentile mind, at least in the West, ‘Esau’ has now been turned into Jacob (later named Israel) in all but name.

Now, the reason this is important is because of what takes place on a regular basis whenever Gentiles criticize the darkness of Judaic culture and express (or actually manifest) their desire to ‘convert’ the Judaites and to bring them into the light of Gentile thinking, culture, and civilization. The ADL and all other assorted groups mount a coordinated screeching campaign against ‘assimilation’ and condemn it in what has recently been termed a ‘Holocaust’ of sorts, where Jews abandon their Judaism in favor of facing West instead of East.

What it all underscores–whether ‘Amalek’ is ‘blotted out’ literally (as takes place in Gaza, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, etc) or whether it takes place through control of the media and its transmogrification of Gentile society into a Judaic one, is the truly deranged and demented nature of the Judaic mind that believes it is incumbent upon the follower of Judaism to engage in such business.

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