The Big Hatred the Zionist “JEWS” Have Against Trump is That He Wants to Normalize Relations With Christian Russia Not Start WW3!

Victoria Nuland, wife of Arch-Neocon Robert Kagan on Russian ‘hacking’– ‘The Hairs Really Went Up on the Back of Our Necks’

by TUT editor

Image result for nuland israelThe Evil Victoria Nuland

ed note–keep in mind a few important albeit uncomfortable truths and implications associated with all of this, and particularly for all you experts out there making up the ‘Trump is owned by the Jews’ brigade.

Victoria Nuland is the wife of Robert Kagan, arch Neocon and unregistered agent for Israel who represents a major piston in the ‘destroy Trump’ machinery that includes others of the non-Gentile persuasion such as Kristol, Cohen, Abrams, etc. Nuland has also been instrumental in the various ‘color revolutions’ taking place around the world aimed at de-stabilizing various places deemed ‘unfriendly’ to the NWO, to the Jewish state and to Jewish interests in general.

Susan Glasser, also very much of the non-Gentile persuasion, is a died-in-the-wool Zioness who recently did an interview with the notorious Max Boot and Elliot Cohen, 2 arch-Neocons out to remove Trump and see him replaced with his true-blue Christian Zionist VP, Mike Pence, an interview in which Glasser referred to her warmongering Judaic guests as ‘fantastic’.

The point is that it is only the most one-dimensional ‘analysts’ who still continue to peddle the ‘Trump is owned by the Jews’ nonsense without considering some of the more nuanced and complicated moves and maneuvers taking place these days. Does Trump pander to the Jews? Yes. Does he bend over backwards, forwards, and every other way in order to muzzle them and stymie their screeching? Definitely. Will he continue to do this? Absolutely.

But are the Jews themselves buying it and taking the heat off of him?

Absolutely not. Read more of this post

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