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Gus Kenworthy in the men’s ski slopestyle final.

NY Times: Gus Kenworthy Wins Without Making the Podium

What an odd headline: “Gus Kenworthy Wins Without Making Podium.” Isn’t “winning” in the Olympics defined as standing on the podium to receive a Gold Medal for 1st place? Or at least a Silver for 2nd, or even a Bronze for 3rd? From the amount of publicity that Kenworthy, 26, has been showered with by the Piranha Press, one would think that he had won multiple Gold Medals in multipleevents. But he didn’t even finish in the top three. Actually, in the men’s finals for the “freestyle slopestyle,” Kenworthy was most Unworthy — finishing dead lastout of a field of 12 skiers! And yet, he will leave these Olympic games with the name recognition of a world champion. Why is that?
Well, you see, boys and girls, not only did Gus Unworthy proudly “come out” as a sodomite for these games, but he did so in such an in-your-face manner that it greatly pleased the degenerate “powers that be” (cough cough) of the Piranha Press. It started with a childish “tweet” in which he took a shot at the United States’ official representative to the game, VP Mike Pence (wrongly perceived by libtards as “anti-gay”). Unworthy tweeted:
“Broke my thumb yesterday in practice. It won’t stop me from competing (obviously), but it does prevent me from shaking Pence’s hand so… Silver linings!”
Ha ha. Very funny, sissy boy. But the Piranha Press ate it up and hyped it up approvingly.
Image result for kenworthy tweet about pence Image result for monster 6 6 6  Image result for last place medal
1. & 2. Unworthy used his broken thumb to make a joke about Mike Pence. Notice the logo for “Monster” Energy Drink on his ski. It’s actually Hebrew for 6-6-6. 3. Unworthy came in last place in the men’s finals and he’s all the media wants to talk about!
For his next “look-at-me-everybody” stunt, Unworthy had his photograph taken with openly flaming faggot figure skater, Adam Rippon. Just as the picture was snapped, Unworthy planted a seemingly unwanted kiss on little Rippon’s cheek. And again, the Piranha Press viralized the moment for millions to see — including children.
And lastly, for the grand finale, the deranged attention-whore kissed his boyfriend at the bottom of the ski slope on live TV. It was one of the “iconic” images of the games and its most “historically significant” moment — the gushing talking heads inform us. Unworthy’s comments about kids watching the kiss were truly disturbing:

“I think that’s amazing. That’s something I wanted at the last Olympics, to share a kiss with my boyfriend at the bottom and it was something I was too scared to do for myself. And so to be able to do that, to give him a kiss and have that affection broadcast for the world is incredible. That’s not something I had as a kid. I didn’t see a gay athlete at the Olympics kissing their boyfriend. I think if I had it would have made it a lot easier for me.”


Image result for kenworthy rippon kiss  Image result for kenworthy love is love tweet

1. Kissing Kenworthy planted one on little Rippon’s cheek, but Rippon didn’t seem too pleased about it. Is there a “#MeToo” movement for queers? 2. Next came the “unplanned” ski-slope kiss seen all across America, thanks to NBC. 3Unworthy tweeted about the hand-holding picture: My Seoul mate! So happy to have my bf (boyfriend), my family and some amazing friends here in Korea to cheer me on!”


Unworthy is correct. His televised and re-televised man-on-man kisses will indeed “make it a lot easier” for innocent young boys to “explore” their sexuality with other confused and corrupted young boys and older men. Think the bloody West is bad now? Youse guys just wait and see the full scope of the homo-tranny-pedo tsunami that the 20-and-under generation will unleash upon the West. We calculate that by the year 2035, North America / Europe / Australia will make Sodom & Gomorrah seem like Victorian-era England.

But in a very sad sense, we almost can’t blame Unworthy for how he turned out and how he continues to act. He and millions of other young men are the deliberate product of Marxist media manipulation and its associated familial degradation. We are dealing with culturally engineered Frankenstein monsters manufactured by the usual suspects for the usual reason, namely, to tear down family-centered civilization so that a New World Order global slave state can be erected in its place. That’s the truth, and Sulzberger’s Slimes knows it — which is exactly why “the paper of record” and the rest of the Piranha Press continue to promote Unworthy’s twisted televised kisses as much as they are.
Image result for kenworthy tweet about pence  Image result for scheming jew
1. What a shame! Gus Unworthy is such a handsome, young and athletic man, but he was shaped into an attention-seeking sodomite by a poisoned culture that deliberately twisted his head at a young age. 2.Unworthy’s degenerate pro-homo cheering section. 3All by design — as the conservative orthodox inner core which regenerates World Jewry keeps its traditional family structure in tact.

Boobus Americanus 1: Did you see that skier kiss his boyfriend at the Olympics? They are saying it was an iconic moment.

Boobus Americanus 2: Well … yeah … I don’t know… It’s OK … I guess… love is love… who are we to judge, right?



Sugar Come on Boobuss, ssay it!!! Deep down you know that’s some frickin’ ssick twissted sstuff.

 Editor: In order for him to remain a domesticated libtard in good standing, Boobus has to artificially suppress the inner voice of instinctive reason — which comes from God.


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