Russia Probe Lawyers Think Mueller Could Indict Trump-Mueller (ZIONIST) Should Be FIRED Based on Nunes MEMO!

Russia probe lawyers think Mueller could indict Trump

by TUT editor

Many legal scholars doubt a U.S. vs. Trump case is possible, but two attorneys who have dealt with special counsel Robert Mueller’s team disagree. One expects Mueller to move as early as this spring.

ed note–we’ve said it before (unfortunately with no effect upon those too absorbed in their own particular brand of identity politics to consider this thing rationally) that the entire ‘get Trump’ thing is not an act. It is not ‘just for show’, nor is it–as one unhinged individual wrote in the comments section here recently–being done to give the IMPRESSION that organized Jewish interests are against Trump due to the overwhelming success of the ‘911 Truth Movement’ that has almost single-handedly swayed nearly every man, woman and child in America country in favor of the notion that Judea, Inc poses a clear and present danger to the future of this country.

No, it is every bit as much ‘the real deal’ as was the drive to get rid of JFK, Nixon, and Mel Gibson, and all can rest assured that if Netanyahu and his peeps in Tel Aviv wanted all this noise to stop, it would stop in a heartbeat, and Trump would be given an open road to do whatever it is that those who can’t seem to wrap their minds around this notion that there is a tug of war taking place these days claim Trump was put into office to do.

Again, we have said it before and will say it again–gangsters don’t shoot the horse they themselves have set to win in a race which they themselves have fixed and in the process, lose all that easy loot they planned on winning.

Deluge of idiotic commentary chirping about Trump’s Jewish son-in-law arriving in 3…2….1… Read more of this post

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