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Emergency Broadcast – Health Ranger – Feb. 23, 2018

Image: Emergency Broadcast – Health Ranger – Feb. 23, 2018

(Natural News) This is an emergency broadcast from the Health Ranger, Feb. 23, 2018.

This broadcast covers the accelerating attempted communist takeover of America by radicalized left-wing forces that include CNN, Antifa and other George Soros-funded sabotage operations.

Their goal is to de-legitimize all conservative voices by demolishing their First Amendment rights, revoking their Second Amendment rights, and violating their Fourth Amendment rights until every last non-liberal person in America is either silenced, destroyed, imprisoned or dead.

This is not a joke. The war on America’s patriots is already under way, and Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are complicit in this process. Watch my emergency broadcast to learn more:


My Comment:  The left wing lunatics embrace Censorship and Marxism like what Russia had with Lenin & Trotsky with the result of the genocide of  66 million Christians.  This is a ZIONIST movement.  Zionists also backed Hitler’s rise.  More Genocides and Holocausts of Millions of Germans.  They always disarm the populations and implement gun control.  Then Communism and then DEATH!.

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