Disrespectful Sarah Silver Man Calls Attorney General Jeff Sessions a ‘racist c*nt’………………………….Transvestigation of Sarah Silver Man!

Violent, deranged, inbred Jewess Sarah Silverman calls USAG Jeff Sessions a ‘racist c*nt’

by TUT editor


Sarah Silver Man

  • 8 months ago

ed note–a few things to consider here–

1. What AG Sessions said is–from an empirical, historical viewpoint–100,000% accurate. There is nothing ‘racist’ about saying that the office of Sheriff dates back to Anglo Saxon history, as anyone who has studied that particular topic knows it to be factually correct. Just as it is a fact that the US Constitution stipulates that all bills related to raising federal taxes must begin in the House of Representatives and that the model which the framers used for this provision was its identical twin found in the UK where all bills aimed at raising British taxes must originate in the House of Commons, no one would be called a ‘racist cunt’ for extolling the ‘Anglo-Saxon’ history of this particular facet of American law.

But none of this matters when Jews are on the rampage and find themselves in the throes of one of their Jepileptic fits. In cases such as this, history takes a back seat to hysteria, and all one need do in finding a good reference point for this is to recall that infamous narrative featuring a rabid, bloodthirsty mob in full-blown Jtosis screeching for an innocent man to be crucified and a convicted murderer to be released, the very same innocent man whom this violent, deranged, inbred Jewess says she would personally ‘kill again’ if she had the chance.

Next, keep in mind that of all the sexist and derogatory epithets that can be hurled against a woman for simply being a woman, this particular word used by this violent, deranged, inbred Hebress is the worst. It reduces a woman’s worth to that particular part of her body without which she would have no role in this world, akin to saying she has no brain and only thinks with that particular sexual organ.

If anyone else, a politician, actor, activist, whatthefreakever–were to use this VERY SAME WORD in describing even another man in the same manner as occurred with this violent, deranged, inbred sorceress, the screeching campaign that would take place would be audible even as far away as the imaginary planet Tatooine from Star Wars.

But, as is the case these days, when Jews do it, no one better even clear their throat in protest. We are all expected to clap, laugh, piss our pants with enjoyment or at the very least, give them the silence they demand.

Notice that none of the Jewish groups such as ADL, SPLC, or others who pour over the news 24/7 for even the slightest whiff of ‘hate’ or ‘incivility’ are yet to weigh in on Silverman’s schtick, underscoring yet again (as if it needed to take place at all) that the only compass that Judea, Inc and its acolytes follow is the one that points to their own empowerment and enrichment and that there is no sewer that is too low, too deep, or too nasty into which they will not crawl in attaining what they want in the world, a fact that has been proven throughout human history time and time again.

From Pharaoh to Haman to Titus to Hitler to Mel Gibson, the reasons for the perennial and inevitable allergic reaction on the part of Gentiles to Jews need not be analyzed or dissected in myraid of books, articles, documentaries or Congressional Investigations, but is explained clearly and concisely in just one 10 second tweet by the vulture Silverman in a moment of complete Judaic candor that doubtless was cheered on by her fellow violent inbreds the world over.

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