Anti Trump Democrat Compare ‘Russiagate’ to Pearl Harbor Attack: Zionist Jews Have Declared WAR on President Donald Trump With Zionist Mueller!

Dem Rep Jarrold Nadler– ‘Russian Election Attack Equivalent to Pearl Harbor’

by TUT editor

ed note–please pay very close attention to the words being used and the implications.

Firstly, remember that Nadler was recently made ranking minority leader on the House Judiciary Committee as a result of John Conyers being moved out after allegations of sexual misconduct. Nadler, besides being a VERY Jewish big-time supporter of Israel, also happens to represent the largest Jewish constituency in the country. He is one of 2 Jewish congressmen (along with Cohen) who refused to attend Trump’s inauguration and has stated in very explicit terms that he considers Trump’s presidency ‘illegitimate’ as a result of the ‘Russian’ business.

Next–Nadler’s use of the term ‘Pearl Harbor’.

Yes, one could make the case that he is merely posturing before his support base, but then again, maybe not. It is no secret that Israel wants Russia out of the Middle East, just as she has from the very beginning, a fact proven with her attack on the USS LIBERTY in 1967 that brought the US and the USSR to within mere minutes of nuclear war with each other, and things have not changed in this regard, and especially considering Russia’s new assertiveness in the region viz a viz Syria and Iran.

And what’s worse is that there is an American president who is keen towards the notion of avoiding conflict with a resurgent, nuclear armed Russia, a fact that is for obvious reasons very problematic for the Jewish state.

Therefore, all realistic watchers of things geo-political, and especially as these geo-politics are net result of Judaic intrigue and scheming should view Nadler’s comments for what they are–a declaration of war, the only thing missing being FDR’s ‘day which will live in infamy’ speech.

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