Why I’m Not a Zionist-and Why You’re Not, Either!

Why I’m Not a Zionist – and Why You’re Not, Either

by TUT editor


“The death of Zionism” is fashionable in some circles. It fits in a handy tweet and “Why I stopped being a Zionist” as a headline is clickbait. But it’s meaningless. Despite the -ism in its name, Zionism was never an ideology, it was a program. For the 66 years of its existence there were heated debates over Zionism’s justification, objectives and the best means for achieving them. They ended on May 14, 1948, when an independent Jewish state was established on part of the ancient homeland.”

ED-NOTE – Zionism, as our esteemed hebraic writer highlights here, was JUST a program, a program that only meant to bring back to the Jews to the Holy Land to reclaim it as their own and revive that ancient Beast of the Land which the Romans and Roman Catholic Europe afterwards thought had declawed, de-fanged, pacified, civilized and thus made non-venomous to Mankind.

Zionism was a program that had no other purpose other than to give the Holy Land to the Jews, as a place where they would be able to live their Judaism in full and with no shame, follow their Jewish precepts as detailed in their Jewish Torah and do everything their Jewish deity orders, starting with holocausting innocent victims because that’s is the Jewish god’s favorite smell, nothing being more pleasing to his nostrils than the aroma of burnt offerings/Palestinians dedicated to him.

Zionism was just a program which had no other purpose other than allowing the creation of Israel. That has now long been accomplished and Zionism died the day that state was born. What we are left with is Judaism, as spelled out for us in the very appellation of the state itself – the Jewish State (and NOT the Zionist State) . And while Zionism’s only goal was to give the Holy Land to the Jews, Judaism only goal is to give them the entire world.   Read more of this post

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