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NY Times: Horror for 13 California Siblings Hidden by Veneer of a Private Home School


Right from the start, Sugar the Crazed Conspiracy Cat sensed that something didn’t smell right about this shocking story about the thirteen siblings found chained to the furniture in filthy conditions after one of them managed to escape. The homeschooling “parents” look like cornball actors straight out of central casting. Then there are the matching costumes of the seemingly happy and healthy children, ages 2-29, whose loving parents suddenly and inexplicably turned into psycho torturers and starvers. It’s all just reeks of Hollyweird.

1. David and Louise Turpin — the home-schoolers from Hell   2 & 3.They all seemed so happy on vacation and also when the parents renewed their wedding vows. Was this part of a multi-year setup in advance of the “schoolhouse of horrors” made-for-TV show?


But if, as we suspect (not “know”) the story is indeed a CIA-Hollywood production, then the question of “why” — the motive — naturally arises. The new laws that may grow out of this drama, as described in this article, may give us a clue as to motive. From the article (bold emphasis added):

“By creating such a school of horrors, Mr. Turpin had kept the authorities at bay. His children were never seen by teachers or counselors. … On Tuesday, state and local officials were on the defensive as they tried to explain how such things could have occurred in a private school the state had sanctioned.

… the State Department of Education said it had registered the school, but had never been inside.

The case raises questions about whether the state may be too lenient in its approach to home schooling and whether it should have been monitoring Mr. Turpin more closely. In California, almost anyone can open a private school by filing an affidavit with the state. California is one of 14 states that ask parents only to register to create a home school, and in 11 other states, including Texas, parents are not required to submit any documentation at all.

The California Department of Education said it was sickened by the tragedy and was investigating what had occurred.”


You see, boys and girls, due to the fact that a privately home-schooled child represents a mind that cannot be so easily contaminated with the “educational” poison of libtardism, Globalist-Marxists HATE the growing phenomenon of home-schooling (now at 3% of children nationwide). In some European countries, home-schooling can even lead to the dispossession of your children by the state!

1. The home-schooling Romeike Family was forced to flee Mamma Merkel’s occupied Germany. The Obongo administration was going to send them back until public awareness of their plight forced Obongo to back down. 2. Commiefornia’s Department of Education and the Marxist Governor Jerry Brown would love to shut down or “regulate” the state’s 3,000 registered private home schools (200,000 home-schooled children total).


Now, the punchline:

“Assemblywoman Susan Eggman, a Democrat from Stockton, Calif., and a social worker who teaches at California State University, Sacramento, said that she would support legislation to monitor such schools.


You see that? Problem — Reaction — Solution. What better way to create “awareness” of the “problem” of homeschooling than by staging a freak-show of unimaginable horror, involving “13” children (Hmmmm — a bit of Satanism to spice up the tale?). Think the illusion-makers wouldn’t or couldn’t pull off such an elaborate stunt? Have you forgotten the FAKE shootings at the Sandy Hook School in 2012?  Or the FAKE shootings at Charleston Black Church in 2015? Or the FAKE shootings at the Orlando “Pulse” Fag Club in 2016? If we can conceive it, the CIA can achieve it — and you had better believe it!

With limited information, we are calling fakery here with only about 80% certainty. But even if Sugar’s gut instincts are wrong this time (very rare), the political manipulation of this drama, be it fake or real, is fraught with danger for the parents of the 1.8 million U.S. home-schooled children who are currently beyond the reach of the Bolshevik brainwashers.

1. State Representative Susan Talamantes Eggman is an open dyke-lesbian who was a former “end-of-life social-worker” (a murderer of seniors). She is wasting no time in using the Terrible Turpins as an excuse to go after home-schooling. 2&3.The Problem-Reaction-Solution dynamic of the Terrible Turpins is designed to herd the straggling and free-thinking home-schoolers back into the libtarded public education herd.

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that those horrible parents who starved and tortured their thirteen children were licensed to operate a private home-school!

Boobus Americanus 2: Something has got to be done to regulate these home schoolers. Most of these parents don’t even have proper credentials.



  Editor: Obedient boobuses are obsessed with “credentials” — not results.



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