Satan’s Fake Pope Wants to Ban “Fake News”


NY Times: For Pope Francis, Fake News  Goes Back to the Garden of Eden



The CIA’s Globalist agent in the Vatican — installed by a palace coup in 2013 — is at it again. The “New World Pope” is now shooting off his big mouth, or in this case, his pen actually, in condemnation of “Fake News.”

Of course, “youse guys” (New Jerseyese for the plural of you) surely understand that when the likes of Frankie the Fake uses that term, he’s not talking about the “mainstream” Piranha Press that we all know and hate. No sir. When a Globo-Communist like the former Cardinal Bergoglio uses the term, he is referring to the legions of citizen journalists – bloggers like Sugar and me, er, “The Editorial Board” of The Anti-New York Times and all the secondary re-posters (like youse guys) to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc.



The Piranha Press of Europe and the USA transformed this goofy Argentinian Marxist into a “rock star” they dubbed as “The New World Pope.” Now he is working to protect the media which created him by attacking alternative web-based news items as “Fake News.”

On what the corrupted remnant of the Catholic Church strangely designated as the World Day of Social Communications,” the message from the boy-loving ass clown again revealed his true red colors. Some very telling excerpts:

“The serpent in the Garden of Eden hissed the first fake news to Eve …We need to unmask what could be called the ‘snake-tactics’ used by those who disguise themselves in order to strike at any time and place.

 I would like to contribute to our shared commitment to stemming the spread of fake news. Untrue stories can spread so quickly that even authoritative denials fail to contain the damage… those living virtual lives in like-minded silos allow disinformation to thrive.. .the absence of opposing viewpoints turns people into unwilling accomplices in spreading biased and baseless ideas.

 Fake news often goes viral, spreading so fast that it is hard to stop, not because of the sense of sharing that inspires the social media, but because it appeals to the insatiable greed so easily aroused in human beings.

People who lie to themselves and listen to their own lie come to such a pass that they cannot distinguish the truth within them, or around them, and so lose all respect for themselves and for others.” (emphasis added)

To combat “Fake News” (alternative media), Poop Frankie called for efforts to “unmask disinformation” and also praised the growing educational programs, state regulatory efforts and social media companies’ internal efforts to verify personal identities “concealed behind millions of digital profiles.”




1. The Pinko Pope kisses the hand of Fr. Michele de Paolis, a controversial and outspoken pro-homosexual advocate. 2. The Argentinian Red accepts a communist hammer & sickle crucifix from Bolivian Marxist Evo Morales3. When  Rivkah Ravitz, a personal secretary to the President of Israel told the Pope that for religious reasons, she could not shake his hand or bow to him since he was wearing a Cross, he covered up his Cross and bowed to her instead! 


Satan’s Pope went on to exalt mainstream journalists to become “protectors of news” and characterized their profession as a “mission.” As Frankie sees it, it is mainly up to social media giants, the MSM and the politicians to “safeguard” the web from what he refers to as “that sly and dangerous form of seduction that worms its way into the heart with false and alluring arguments.”

It’s interesting. The Viper of the Vatican has never once called upon “the authorities” to censor the onslaught of degenerate filth, pornography, homosexuality, cross-dressing and even soft-core pedophilia that is saturating the airwaves and cyberspace of “the free world,” but when it comes to alternative political views and news, Frankie the Fake wants to drop the hammer!

In essence, under the guise of fighting “Fake News,” the “liberation theologist” (communist) from Argentina has issued a new version of the 10 Commandments that he’d like his flock to blindly obey.

  1. Thou shalt not visit unapproved news blogs.
  2. Thou shalt not share unauthorized news items.
  3. Thou shalt not question Global Warming.
  4. Thou shalt not question the Holocaust.
  5. Thou shalt not think independently.
  6. Thou shalt not oppose the immigration invasion.
  7. Thou shalt not support nationalism in any form.
  8. Thou shalt not condemn homosexuality.
  9. Thus shalt not oppose wealth redistribution.
  10. Thou shalt not support Trump or Putin.


How conveeenient that Bergogolio’s latest public stunt should coincide with the well-publicized recent efforts by various CIA-controlled European states such as Germany (here), the UK (here),  Italy (here), Spain (here) and France (here) to combat online “Fake News” being planted by “the Russians.” And this slippery sleazy slimy son of Satan has the audacity to warn us about “serpents!” Project much, Poop Frankie?



1. Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook have already started censoring “unacceptable” political views. Though not mentioning them by name, Poop Frankie has praised such efforts. 2. The growing number of TV shows and movies exalting homosexuality, even among teens, doesn’t make the Pope’s censorship list. 3. On a visit to Israel, the Jews’ favorite Pope bowed and apologetically kissed the hands of a line of ‘Holocaust survivors” ™.


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Pope Francis is calling upon governments and social media companies to police Fake News.

Boobus Americanus 2: Good for him! As we saw in 2016, these right-wing and Russian bloggers now pose an existential threat to the integrity of the democratic process.



Sugar: Wrong again, Boobus libtard! The $@#*&% $#@% are pisssed off becausse they losst their monopoly on newss and thought. That’ss what thiss iss all about.


Editor: If the usual suspects ever succeed in shutting down alternative news sources, it’s game over and very quickly too. That’s why they have activated agent Frankie on this issue.



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NY Times: Doomsday Clock Is Set at 2 Minutes to Midnight, Closest Since 1950’s



It’s that frightening time of the year again when the trumpets of holy Mount Olympus summon us all to obedient attention. Hush up and drop to your knees, boys and girls, the “scientists” who unveil the corny-as-can-be “Doomsday Clock”  have a dire warning for us all.

From the article:

“The Doomsday Clock, a potent symbol of scientific concerns about humanity’s possible annihilation, was advanced by 30 seconds on Thursday, to 2 minutes to midnight, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists announced in Washington.”

Be afraid, boys and girls. Be very afraid.



“Science” has spoken: If the nukes don’t fry you, the melting ice caps will drown you!


Back during the days when school children were terrorized with “Duck and Cover” drills, the “Doomsday Clock”  was introduced (1947) by Globalist scientists who used it to sell the sheeple on the idea that all nations should one day hand over control of armaments to the U.N. as the only way to avoid “doomsday.” Though that radical proposal — originated by the communist Robert Oppenheimer (cough cough) and cryptically proposed by President Eisenhower (here) — never came to fruition, the fear of “the bomb” was in fact successfully used by the Globalists to expand America’s “leadership role in the world” , consolidate “the free world” ;  build the framework for today’s European Union; and strengthen NATO.

With the end of the Cold War, the “Doomsday Clock” , though still “calculated” each year, faded into irrelevancy. But now, thanks to America’s “withdrawal from world leadership,” the Globalist-manufactured “North Korean crisis” , and Trump’s abdication of responsibility for “Climate Change” , the minute-hand of the commie cuckoo-clock has been moved ahead by an additional 30 seconds from last year’s advance.


 The origin of the “Doomsday Clock”  coincided with the “Duck and Cover” idiocy of the 50’s & 60’s. Then, as now, the purpose was to frighten the weak-minded into accepting Globalism as the “solution.” In the age of Trump, the pathetic game is rapidly losing its effectiveness.


Doing the honors at this year’s unveiling were “scientists” Sivan Kartha, of the Stockholm Environmental Institute; Lawrence Krauss (cough cough) of the Arizona State University Origins Project; Robert Rosner (cough cough) of the University of Chicago; and Sharon Squassoni, of George Washington University. According to the article, an apparently defensive Krauss, the ring leader, made a telling acknowledgment.

From the article:

“Krauss acknowledged that in the  fake news era, some critics were likely to accuse the scientists of having a political agenda.”

Well, count Sugar and me, er, “The Editorial Board of The Anti-New York Times as among those “critics,” professor! Sadly, the libtarded simpletons who worship Sulzberger’s Slimes are more likely to buy such preposterous Globalist bullshit simply because politicized “scientists” are the ones selling it – as if “scientists” are infallible and incorruptible.


Three generations of high and mighty (and oh-so-serious-looking) “scientists” have had their cuckoo-clock at minutes-to-midnight for 70 years now. The goofy game is up — time to find real jobs, professors!

We hold true men of science in very high regard. However, not all those claiming to be practitioners of science know what the heck they are talking about. Their ignorance can be even more pronounced when they wander off into to matters political and philosophical. Apart from the fact that many of these academic ass-clowns are just well-paid liars, there is also a whole category of “scientists” that fit the observation once made by James Watson – a co-discoverer of the DNA double-helix structure:

“One could not be a successful scientist without realizing that, in contrast to the popular conception supported by newspapers and mothers of scientists, a goodly number of scientists are not only narrow-minded and dullbut also just stupid.”

Tell it, Professor Watson, tell it!

On an unrelated but very interesting note, that’s the same James Watson that the usual suspects blacklisted, drove into poverty and forced to auction off his Nobel Prize for Science because he stated that DNA differences among races impact intelligence and achievement. (hereFortunately, Russian billionaire and friend-of-Putin, Alisher Usmanov paid $4.8 million for the Nobel medal — and then promptly returned it to Watson! (here)


1. The contribution to science made by James Watson — a critic of “stupid scientists” and co-discoverer the double-helix structure of the DNA molecule — dwarfs that of fools such as Einstein or the “Doomsday Clock” ass- clowns. 2. The winning bidder, Russia’s Alisher Usmanov, saved Watson from poverty and then returned the Nobel medal to him. 3. Usmanov is also buddies with Vladimir Putin.



Boobus Americanus 1: I read in today’s New York Times that a group of highly distinguished scientists are now so concerned about Trump’s climate denial, belligerent rhetoric and abdication of world leadership that they have moved the famous Doomsday Clock to two minutes to midnight. 

Boobus Americanus 2: Two minutes to midnight?! Wow! Now that’s getting too close for comfort.



Sugar:  Come here Boobuss! I’ll sshove that frickin’ clock up your butt-hole!

 Editor: That would cause brain damage.



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