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Reinventing A New Direction
This week is it: the showdown we’ve been waiting for to stop the unconstitutional warrantless spying on Americans.
The House is set to move their FISA 702 reauthorization – and they’re trying to make it even WORSE than before, specifically advocating for information collected without a warrant to be used for domestic court.
That’s outrageous, and they must be stopped.
The good news is, if we act now, we not only may have the votes to stop them — but also to pass an important restoration of the 4th amendment.
Will you sign up to show your support for the Bill of Rights? Will you help stop the spying now?
You see, I just came from a meeting with the House Freedom Caucus, and they’re joining with other freedom-loving members of the House and offering my Senate FISA reform bill as a substitute amendment. Better yet, they’re putting the House on notice — fix it or they will kill it.
But they need reinforcements. They need every House member contacted at a once and they need to know you have their back.
Please sign up to show them today.
Time is short. The House will vote on both the reform substitute and the House leaders terrible reauthorization THIS WEEK.
So please sign your name today: Support Surveillance Reform
And please help spread the word by donating to RANDPAC. As you’ve probably noticed, the mainstream media is largely silent on this.
They know you support freedom, privacy and the bill of rights, and they don’t want to shine a spotlight on this battle.
But I do. I’ll be on conservative radio, social media and emailing millions of Americans to rally to this cause.

To make sure I can do all of that, please consider a donation to RANDPAC today.

And make sure your voice is heard.
In Liberty,
Rand Paul MD
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