LaRouchePAC Daily: The New Silk Road Joined by France

Americans Must Know What Macron Has Done

French President Emmanuel Macron, in his speech in Xian on the first leg of his visit to China, has unleashed a highly significant intervention into the nearly universal idiocy dominating the European Union. To make a transformation of this sort requires, first, the acknowledgment of the horror now dominating the political and economic conditions in the West, and the degenerate frame of mind of the elites, the media and much of the population in Europe and the United States. Secondly, it requires acknowledgment of the historic New Paradigm unleashed by China’s New Silk Road. Third, it requires the vision to see that bringing Europe and the United States to fully join with China’s Belt and Road Initiative, as nearly the entire rest of the world has done, provides the necessary basis for creating the new world order based on peace and development.READ MORE

Lyndon LaRouche—If Money Has No Intrinsic Value, What Does?

Running for the 2004 presidential nomination, Lyndon LaRouche delivered the following remarks in 2003 about the fakery of the intrinsic value of money. Yes, you need money, but its not the basis for real value in a human economy. So what is? Until we understand the answer to that question, our economies, across the planet, in all countries, will continue to fail us.READ MORE

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