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We just launched – here’s why you’ll love it
Mike Adams We just launched, an evidence-based news site covering 1) Cancer causes, and 2) Cancer solutions.

The cancer industry will totally freak out once they see how much evidence we’re finding to support the anti-cancer properties of foods, herbs, natural medicine and more.

Find the full story here.

P.S. Also check out the “Ten years of Natural News science now confirmed by everybody else” below, which details many examples of how Natural News has been years ahead of mainstream reporting on health issues.

As always, thank you again for your support. We’re putting resources to work for you with the launch of and other sites.

Ten years of Natural News science now confirmed by everybody elseBy Ethan Huff | Read the full story
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Shelves stripped bare at Whole Foods stores across America as supply chain logistics craterBy Isabelle Z. | Read the full story
Sponsor: Australian aboriginal ‘Native’ remedy that promises 20/20 vision in days
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More of Today’s ArticlesDo you take the risks of contraceptives seriously? Birth control pill nearly killed a young woman after blood clots and pneumonia left her unable to breathe
Women of all ages use contraceptives daily, but a recent report from the Daily Mail has revealed that a 19-year-old girl was rushed to the hospital after using the pill for only six months. …

Broccoli yogurt? Researchers found the concoction killed 75% of bowel cancer tumors in mice, raising hopes it can treat or prevent the disease in humans
Broccoli-based yogurt may seem weird, but it could be beneficial for your colon. New research suggested that the combination of yogurt and broccoli could be used to treat or even prevent colon …

Botulism can kill you — are you sure your preserved foods are safe? 8 signs they aren’t
Knowing how to preserve food is an important skill for a prepper, but you also need to read up on food safety if you’re interested in learning about food preservation. If you make a mistake …

Flavonoids in wild ephedra plant extracts have been found to be potent antioxidants; may replace toxic ingredients in food and cosmetics
Ephedra alata, a plant widely used in traditional folk medicine in Palestine, takes center stage as researchers explore its potential medical uses. The paper, which was published in theAfrican …

The scandal that keeps on giving: FBI claims it “lost” months of text messages belonging to disgraced anti-Trump agent Peter Strzok
When the complete (and unbiased) history is written on President Barack Obama’s administration, future generations of Americans will come to learn that his was the most corrupt in the country’s …

Essential brain food: Here’s why you probably need DHA supplements
More than half, or 60 percent, of the brain is composed of fat. Thus, healthy fats play a crucial role in the brain’s development. In particular, omega-3 fatty acids are the most important …

2018 could be the year “clean energy” becomes “cheap energy”
There are many signs that point to this becoming a reality, such as the growing …

Seashore mangosteen, used for medicinal purposes in the East, found to protect the liver and inhibit cancer growth
In a recent study, researchersrevealed that mangosteen has liver-protecting properties that guard against toxin damage and cancer. The paper, published in the African Journal of Traditional, …

Can mindfulness save the world? Here’s an example of how it cultivates insight
At mindfulness retreats, participants often have the chance to ask their meditation teachers questions. The questions often involve anger management, discussing politics with family and friends, …

BitConnect collapse reveals that cryptocurrency sites can really only succeed as long as they receive good press to build “confidence”
A major cryptocurrency exchange known as BitConnect has shut down its trading platform and reverted to just a storage wallet following recent crackdowns by state authorities for the alleged …

Spill from sinking Sanchi oil tanker could reach Japan within the month
An oil spill is always a nasty affair, and the case involving the recently sunk Sanchi oil tanker in the East China Sea is no exception. While its sinking has already caused millions in losses …

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