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Protect Natural Estriol!

Protect Natural Estriol Now!

The FDA may eliminate consumer access to estriol and other hormones. We must stop them.

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Vaccines and Autism: Important New Evidence

Vaccines and Autism: Important New Evidence

The mainstream media and the medical establishment have claimed for years this connection has been debunked – will they now listen to some new science?

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Why Other Countries Don't Want American Food

Why Other Countries Don’t Want American Food

The Phantom Menace

Robotic Medicine

Doc Net
Ask Leyla: What can my daughter do to heal her psoriasis?

What alternative supplements would you recommend to help with psoriasis?

Find the answer.

Dr. David Perlmutter: Blood sugar and your brain

Our brains shrink as we age with as much as 5% volume loss occurring between age 60 and 70. And as you would expect, this correlates with declining function.

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By ICIM Member John Ghuneim MD: Brain Sleep Deprivation’s Negative Impacts On The Human Body

Humans cannot live without sleep and will suffer from some immediate backlash if they ignore the primal urge to shut their eyes.

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