Zionists (Like Rupert Murdoch, pictured) Exploiting Genocide For Political Purposes While Omitting Other Zionist Genocides

How They Do It– Washington DC Holocaust Museum To Open Exhibit On Syrian Genocide

by TUT editor

ed note–please take stock of the following genocides which have never and will never see the light of day at this museum–

The Palestinian Holocaust 

The Iraqi Holocaust

The Libyan Holocaust

The German Holocaust (Dresden and elsewhere)

The Japanese Holocaust (Hiroshima, Nagasaki, etc)

The ongoing Holocaust in Yemen

That’s how it is–when it works in ‘their’ interests to highlight your plight, then you get your 15 minutes of fame.

Otherwise, as far as they are concerned, you’re only Gentiles (donkeys made in human form, according to the ‘good Rabbi’ Ovadiah Yusef) and not worth the Gentile dirt from which you came.

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