UN (World Government) Security Council Votes to Rescind Trump’s Jerusalem Move


UN Security Council to Vote Today on Call for Trump’s Jerusalem Move to Be Rescinded
by TUT editor

The resolution, submitted by Egypt, would insist that decisions on Jerusalem’s status have no legal effect. Diplomats say the U.S. will veto it
ed note–again, the UN is NOT a friend to the Palestinians nor to any of the peoples in the Middle East. The UN was the vehicle by which Palestinian lands were stolen and given to the Jews in the first place, the vehicle by which Iraq was destroyed–first under George H. W. Bush in the early 1990’s and then by his idiot son following 9/11. The UN was the vehicle by which Libya was destroyed and left a seething cauldron of misery for millions of people. Even if the Palestinians managed to get some resolution introduced, it would be vetoed by the US and even if it were not, what practical good would come of it? Nothing.
As a result of Trump’s declaration, the Islamic world, with all of its 2 billion voices, is roused, riled, and ready for business in a way that has never existed before, and what’s more is that these 2 billion voices are assisted with Iranian brains and Russian military power. If the fate of Palestine is left in the hands of the UN, then what the world will see is just a continued repeat of the same policies that have brought these beleaguered people to where they are now until finally there is nothing left of their inheritance upon which to re-build. The people of Palestine, and indeed all those living in close proximity to this toxic lump of radioactive waste known as the Jewish state, need to turn their gaze eastward towards a sun that is rising rather than westward towards one that is setting.
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