Truthers: When Conspiracy Meets Reality

Must Watch–Truthers: When Conspiracy Meets Reality

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ed note–Now, 5 years after the fact, it is (or at least should be) apparent to all that the entire ‘Hoaxer’ phenomenon that was birthed in the immediate aftermath of the Sandy Hook massacre was, is, and will remain a sophisticated intelligence operation aimed at discrediting those who ask questions about major political events and as a means of scaring away otherwise open-minded people from looking any further than whatever the ‘official narrative’ happens to be on any given event.

Notice the other items that are dragged into the ‘hoaxer’ world–9/11, Israel, Zionism, etc. With one swoop, the over-the-top insanity of what is now a very real phenomenon–‘hoaxerism’–results in all dissenting opinions or questions being relegated to kookery and quackery.

Please note how (beginning at around the 18 minute mark) it is specifically stated in this documentary how Google, Youtube, Facebook and other MAJOR sources of mass information have up until now refused to rein in the ‘hoaxer’ crowd, a curious situation that–in terms of understanding the strategic importance of nutter groups such as these in helping create a narrative the results in major political and intelligence paradigms–is immediately understandable. They WANT these groups out there in furthering along their agenda of making all otherwise responsible, informed and intelligent skepticism of major events appear unhinged and dangerous.

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