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N Y Times: John Anderson, Who Ran Against Reagan and Carter in 1980, Is Dead at 95




As far as historical figures of the 20th Century are concerned, John B. Anderson, a former Republican Congressman from Illinois and independent candidate for President, was but a minor footnote. But because his “15 minutes of fame” ™ on the world stage”™ represented the typical behind-the-scenes machinations of the PRC (Predatory Ruling Class) which we so often write about here, the good news of his death offers us a chance to review an interesting bit of history from almost four decades ago — (My goodness, how time flies!)
Sugar, fire up the Time Machine to 1980. Into the mist of history we go.

1. John Anderson (on right) did poorly in the GOP primaries. 2. Anderson campaigning for the Republican nomination in Los Angeles. 3. Campaign button

The presidential first term of David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski’s Globalist Golden Boy Jimmy Carter had been marked by economic stagnation, high inflation, liberal activism, and the taking / holding of 52 American diplomats and citizens (mainly CIA spies) as hostages in Iran. The negative political climate in 1980 was finally ripe for a populist-conservative-nationalist “outsider” like former California Governor Ronald Reagan to win the presidency. In addition to the excited conservative voters and the southerners who by now felt betrayed by Georgia boy Carter, the Zionist “Neo-Cons,” angry over Globalist Carter’s attempts to rein-in Nationalist Israel, were lining up their money and influence behind “the Reagan Revolution” as well.
To stop Reagan — who had blown away Establishment hacks like George Bush (the Edler) and Bob Dole in the GOP primaries — the Globalists tried to pull off a repeat of 1912 — the year in which President Howard Taft was defeated as the result of Teddy Roosevelt splitting of the GOP vote with a third party run, thus electing Woodrow Wilson with only 42% of the vote. To pull off the scam, liberal Republican’t and Council on Foreign Relations member John Anderson (one of the candidates that Reagan had already defeated in the primaries) was puffed up by Sulzberger’s Slimes and the rest of the Piranha Press. Anderson’s “independent” status appealed to Republican libtards and “moderates.”

1. Rockefeller agent Zbigniew Brzezinski, as Jimmy Carter’s handler, brought death and Globalist conquest to several nations around the world. 2. 1981: During Carter’s final days year in office, he decorated the evil Brzezinski with the Medal of Freedom! 3. After “Ronnie’s Romp” through the GOP primaries in 1980, the unpopular Carter seemed destined to be a one-termer. Enter, John Anderson

The Slimes article reminds us of what a RINO (Republican In Name Only) this CFR ass clown really was:
“Anderson called for a gasoline tax of 50 cents per gallon — when a gallon cost $1.15 — to save energy.
Early on, when all six of his rivals for the Republican nomination assured the Gun Owners of New Hampshire that they firmly opposed gun control legislation, Mr. Anderson said, “I don’t understand why.”
“When in this country we license people to drive automobiles,” he added, “what is so wrong about proposing that we license guns to make sure that felons and mental incompetents don’t get hold of them?”
He was roundly booed.”
Anderson had never finished better than second in a Republican primary. He even lost his home state of Illinois to Reagan by 12 points. It was in April, 1980, that he then decided to run as an independent spoiler, drawing most of his support from liberal “Rockefeller Republicans” and college libtards looking for a fresh faced “maverick.” Reagan’s people were incensed!
Anderson missed the petition deadline to run as an independent in five states. His people circulated petitions in those states anyway. Throughout the summer of  1980, his campaign won his lawsuits against the deadlines in those five states. He also faced the problem that he hadn’t found a vice-presidential running mate yet. So he recruited a stand-in in order to meet the requirement — Milton Eisenhower, the Marxist-Globalist older brother of deceased President and war criminal Dwight Eisenhower. That alone tells us all we need to know about Mr. Anderson!

1. Super Globalist Henry Kissinger made the highly unusual move of endorsing an incumbent Congressman in 1978. 2. As President, at varying times, of three different American universities, Milton Eisenhower enthusiastically promoted communist UNESCO initiatives at his campuses. 3. The Council on Foreign Relations (New York) — Anderson was a member at the time.

Anderson/Eisenhower had peaked in early August with 25% of voters saying they preferred Anderson to either Carter or Reagan, with the majority of the supporters coming from the liberal wing of the GOP. He finally named an actual running mate in late August, 1980 — former Wisconsin Governor Patrick Lucey. But Anderson’s support eventually waned because voters returned to the main candidates who they believed could actually win. So, in spite of the Anderson scam, Reagan and George HW Bush (the former CIA Director who was forced upon the ticket as VP) won in a landslide as Anderson ended up with just 6.6 percent of the popular vote.
Though America was spared a second term of Carter and his evil National Security Adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Reagan, who had openly campaigned against Globalism and Rockefeller’s Tri-Lateral Commission, quickly “moderated” once in office. A ricocheted bullet to the lung, fired by a would-be assassin with ties to the Bush Crime Family (here), just 6 weeks into his presidency, may have something to do with keeping Reagan under control.

In closing, as we said upon hearing of the death of the aforementioned David Rockefeller this past March, and also for the aforementioned Zbigniew Brzezinski this past May — rot in hell, John Anderson. Rot in hell.

After the Anderson third-party play failed to stop Reagan, a bullet from a “nut” connected to the Bush Family taught Reagan to behave. Those his presidency was an improvement over that of Carter’s, the “Deep State” retained control.



Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that John Anderson died. Remember him?
Boobus Americanus 2: Yes. That was my first election. He was a true independent maverick.

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