Treason Against President Trump in the Strzok Texts

The Strzok Texts: How the FBI Plotted to Unseat Trump Before Election

by TUT editor

We now have solid evidence of the Deep State’s treason

ed note–please read and pay close attention to the section dealing with the same NeoCon factions responsible for driving America to war in the Middle East for Israel’s benefit and the both covert and overt collusion in which these operatives are engaged in trying to bring down the presidency of a recalcitrant individual who has decided against re-invigorating the wars against the Islamic world which Judea, Inc is demanding.

And of course, since no discussion of this sort would be complete without our regular challenge–

Please, all you ‘Trump is owned by d’Jooz’ types, explain to us–using rational, reasonable language based upon facts and without all the usual identity politics driven emotionalism–why there is this active conspiracy to bring him down which is now proudly and openly assisted by the likes of arch Neocons such as Bill Kristol, David Frum, Max Boot, Eliot Cohen, and the rest of Netanyahu’s paid spies in DC, if indeed, as you maintain with dogmatic infallibility, that Trump is just a Presidential repeat of all those previous puppets that receded him.

Go ahead, take your time explaining…we’ll patiently wait

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