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N Y Times: Trump Urges Moore to Concede Alabama Senate Race


Right up until Election Day 2016, candidate Donald Trump shocked polite society by warning about the potential of widespread, Demonrat-organized voter fraud. His accusations really rattled Sulzberger’s Slimes and the rest of the Piranha Press. A typical headline (one of hundreds!)

New York Times (October 23, 2016): Donald Trump’s Threat to Reject Election Results Alarms Scholars (here)

After pulling off his improbable victory, Trump, in addressing the reason why he actually lost the popular vote, revisited the voter fraud controversy. More hysterical headlines from the Marxist scum at Sulzberger’s Slimes:

New York Times (February 13, 2017): Voter Fraud? Trump Has No Proof and Many Skeptics (here)

Trump’s bare-knuckled post-election voter fraud “tweets” and public statements sent the Piranha Press into a frightened frenzy.


And finally, on May 11, 2017, just when everyone thought that Trump had “moved on” from this critically important issue, he sprung a big surprise by signing an Executive Order creating the “Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity.” The Slimes and its Piranha Pack have been in feeding-frenzy attack mode ever since.

New York Times (July 7, 2017): Even Some Republicans Balk at Trump’s Voter Data Request. Why the Uproar? (here)

New York Times (July 22, 2017): The Bogus Voter-Fraud Commission (here)

New York Times (November 9, 2017): Voter Fraud Panel Is Sued Again, This Time by a Member (here)

Considering Trump’s crusade to expose Demonrat voter fraud, and in light of the many horror stories now emerging from the recently stolen Senate election in overwhelmingly Republican Alabama  (illegal aliens being shipped from precinct to precinct on buses, Blacks from neighboring Mississippi coming in on buses, computer records being destroyed by court order, computer glitches etc), one would think that Trump and his Attorney General, former Senator Jeff Sessions fromAlabama, would be all over this self-evident case of fraud. Instead, Trump, after having oh-so-“graciously” congratulated the communist victor, Doug Jones,  is “urging” Moore to concede? What the frickety frack is going on here?

From the article:

“President Donald Trump called on fellow Republican Roy Moore on Friday to concede to Democrat Doug Jones in the Alabama U.S. Senate race, following the party’s stinging loss in the southern U.S. state earlier this week.

Moore, whose controversial candidacy was beset by allegations that he sexually assaulted or pursued teenage girls while in his 30s, has so far refused to admit defeat in Tuesday’s election that saw Jones win by 1.5 percentage points with 99 percent of the ballots counted.

The embattled Republican has made two statements since his loss, but has not conceded even as Trump and others have reached out to congratulate Jones, a former prosecutor, on his win.

‘I would certainly say he should,’ Trump, who endorsed Moore in the final stage of the campaign, told reporters at the White House.”

1. In 1985, a young Jeff Sessions aggressively, yet unsuccessfully prosecuted the “Marion 3” for organizing voter fraud in Alabama (here). Session thus KNOWS what goes on in Alabama. 2The “Marion 3” and their Marxist-Libtard supporters cried “racism” over Sessions’ prosecution. 3. Why are the anti-voter fraud crusaders Trump & Sessions going along with this farce in Alabama?


A bit of basic Holmesian deduction here, boys and girls. Analyzing the bizarre Trump / Sessions non-reaction and total non-support for Roy Moore’s recount efforts leaves us with just two possibilities. The more obvious one being that a weakened Trump has sold his soul to the DC “swamp” — collaborating with GOP Senate Leader Mitch McConnell to block the principled conservative Moore from entering “the club.” This would also explain Trump’s tepid “support” for Moore in the closing weeks of the campaign.

The other possibility here is that Chess-master Trump and the military / law enforcement “white hats” behind him set an elaborate trap in Alabama by pretending to “look away” as the Soros-Obama operation took the bait. What if, this time, every aspect of the election fraud was carefully observed and thoroughly documented beyond doubt? What if Trump’s quick “congratulations” to Demoncrap Doug Jones, coupled with his “urging” of Roy Moore to accept defeat, is all just a smokescreen to conceal the big sting operation?

Now don’t “youse guys” (New Jerseyese for the plural of you) get all excited about this possibility because Option 1 may also be the case. All we are saying is that if Moore’s recount crusade should expand into something far greater — something that exposes the whole rotten Demonrat operation nationwide — then know that the coming storm was planned this way all along. Trump is either a tactical genius — or a gigantic sell-out. Either way, Alabama will provide the final verdict on Trump for us soon enough.

What comes out of Alabama’s brewing vote fraud controversy will tell us if Trump has joined “the club” — or if he was playing chess all along.


  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Trump is urging the child-molesting white supremacist Roy Moore to concede the race in Alabama.

Boobus Americanus 2: Well, at least Trump isn’t peddling that racist voter fraud nonsense again.

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