President Trump Gets It-The ZIONISTS/BRITISH EMPIRE Occupy the U.S. Gov’t Working Against Him and His Supporters!

My Comment:  The Target of this ZIONIST MAFIA:  President Trump & Putin/Russia a/w/a China!

New International Economic Order, London-Saudi Global Terror, Stop WWIII
“Now It All Starts To Make Sense”


A foreign enemy of the United States—the British Empire’s intelligence services and their allies in the FBI and on Wall Street—has de facto invaded the U.S. with the stated intention of staging a coup d’état against the elected President and the Constitution, in order to reverse his policies of constructing peaceful cooperation with Russia and China, and marching the world back from the brink of war. The British cannot stand for any deviation from the war trajectory of their Bush and Obama administrations, because the survival of their entire system of global geopolitics and financial…read more

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