Natural NEWS-United States is a Totalitarian Regime!
Here’s how things would look if you really lived in a country that respected your liberty and choice
Mike Adams Think you live in a country that respects your liberty? Your personal choice? Think again.

You’re living under a totalitarian regime that oppresses your rights and liberties while claiming to be “fighting for them.” I’ve just released a video that explains this in more detail and provides compelling examples.

Find the full video and article here.

U.S. now leads the industrialized world in infant mortality due to toxic vaccinationsBy Lance D Johnson | Read the full story
It’s not just kids: Study finds adults are also unnecessarily prescribed antibioticsBy Russel Davis | Read the full story
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Latest NYC bombing proves without a doubt that residents of large cities are living in escape-proof time bombsBy JD Heyes | Read the full story
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