Maybe Trump Doesn’t Care if He is Impeached; Maybe He Doesn’t Like Being President(?)

US officials confirm Trump planning to oust Tillerson

by TUT editor

Though timing uncertain, US secretary of state may be replaced by CIA Director Mike Pompeo

ed note–as of this moment, there is no definitive ‘yea or nay’ on this matter from the Trump Admin. 

However, whether it does indeed take place or not, there are important paradigms associated with this that need to be understood in terms of how they all fit into the ‘big picture’.

Despite the incessant chirping on the part of many ‘experts’ that somehow Trump is ‘one of them’, the fact is that ‘they’ have demonstrated on occasions too numerous to recount the fact that ‘they’ don’t like Trump and that ‘they’ want him gone, yesterday, as in Nov. 7, 2016, the day before the Presidential election that brought him to power.

The inherent instability of an administration is marked by many things, not the least of which is constant turnover, one cabinet position being filled, then vacated, then re-filled, etc. Keep in mind the firing of Michael Flynn as National Security Adviser a mere few weeks after him filling that position.

What all of this lends towards is the perception on the part of not just the American people themselves, but indeed, governments around the world, that said administration is too unstable to do America’s business, leading to loss of confidence and therefore, 99% of America’s negotiating power, leaving the President with only one option, which is the use of dangerous pointed objects, in this case, the military.

And finally, where all of this winds up is the lawmaking body having the grounds it needs in declaring such-and-such administration a danger to America’s ability to function as a stable political entity, thus leading to that process known as impeachment whereby the CEO of said Administration is legally removed.

And leaving Judea, Inc tickled pink and pleased as punch. Read more of this post

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