Dem leader calls for UN troops deployed on the streets of America

A Chicago / Cook County leader just called for armed UN troops to be deployed on the streets of America’s cities.
In effect, he is calling for an invasion of the United States by foreign troops.
That’s why I’m issuing a “chaos alert” today as a warning to what this would unleash across America.
Read the full story here.

The hunt for opioid alternatives: Researchers look to sensory blocking substances from the ocean
By Rita Winters | Read the full story

“Browning” of the world’s waterways may be due to conventional farming practices rather than “extra” rainfall claimed by climate alarmists
By Tracey Watson | Read the full story
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Another danger from fracking: Benzene exposure during pregnancy found to affect maternal health
By Russel Davis | Read the full story

A new health risk from imported candy: Lead poisoning
By Rita Winters | Read the full story
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Former Facebook exec: Social media is “ripping society apart”
By Lance D Johnson | Read the full story
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