Zionist Israel = Synagogue of Satan! (Was Dr. Lecter a Zionist?)

Criminologist estimates as many as 2,000 serial murderers wandering the streets of the US

by TUT editor

ed note–murder has been with mankind since time immemorial, and whether it was rooted in mental illness, jealousy, robbery, vengeance, or whatever, it is unfortunately part of the ‘human condition’ every bit as much as all the other unattractive behaviors that accompany the human species here on earth.

There is no doubting however that in the last century, murder has taken on an entirely different scope in terms of scale and species. Sophisticated weaponry such as those atomic bombs dropped on Japan and then made worse in subsequent years are in effect instruments of serial murder on the part of those governments that possess and utilize them, in that they are meant to kill large numbers of people indiscriminately in the same manner that a serial murderer kills innocent people one by one.

That the uptick in numbers of innocent people being slaughtered in modern times can be connected with the power of mass media is not an object up for debate or discussion. ‘Garbage in, garbage out’ as the old saying goes, and ‘where the head goes, the body follows’ are as true in the particular sense as they are in the general. When a person subjects his/her thinking processes to a steady diet of degenerate and destructive intellectual food he/she becomes the very thing that entered into his/her head through the power of words, pictures, and ideas and therefore no one should be surprised that someone who inebriates his/her consciousness with violence therefore goes out and commits violence.

As it relates to the issues we discuss on this website on a daily basis, all should understand that this is not just by accident. There is/has been a concerted, coordinated effort–not just for years, but for generations–to thoroughly marinate the American mind in a daily bath of violence as a pre-conditioning agent in creating the remorseless, violent Golem who will be sent forth throughout the world implementing the violence contained within Judaic/Zionist protocols in establishing the Jewish state and the thousands of years old Messianic dream of Greater Israel with Jerusalem set up as the headquarters–not of just the world, but of the universe.

Therefore, all can assume that there is a certain degree of accuracy contained within the findings and predictions of the criminologist showcased in this piece, and if indeed there are any discrepancies to be found in his study, it is that his numbers are probably too low.

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