Weather Warfare

Weather Terrorists Control the Climate

(Nov. 16, 2017) Climate engineering is nothing short of weather and biological warfare. Not only are our skies being constantly saturated with highly toxic climate engineering elements, extremely powerful and harmful radio frequency / microwave transmissions are being utilized to manipulate these materials(and thus, the weather / climate).

How can we know for certain that RF / microwave transmissions are being used to control weather and precipitation?

From satellite imagery animations that prove the manipulation beyond any reasonable doubt. The 6 minute video below contains extremely compelling and inarguable footage of radio frequency / microwave weather manipulation that has just been captured.

The ongoing global geoengineering insanity continues to decimate the biosphere, human health, and the entire web of life. The effort to expose and halt this insanity will take all of us.

Waking others up to the critical climate engineering issue by sharing credible data from a credible source is the most effective strategy in this battle. Make your voice heard.

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