The Dirty Word No One Wants to Mention: Zionists Who Run DARPA and Alphabet Agencies of Zionist Occupied Gov.’t of United States, Stasi Amerika! Heil!
Prepare for sudden, radical changes: “You may not recognize tomorrow”
Mike Adams When the Berlin wall fell, it was an “all of a sudden” phenomenon. The week before, there were no abundantly evident signs that such a monumental historical event was about to take place.

This is how history often occurs: Slowly at first, then all at once.

Today I share a series of three podcasts that help explain the monumental changes that are coming.

Read the full story and listen to the podcasts here.

Top 8 “immunity builders” that actually contain insanely dangerous ingredientsBy S.D. Wells | Read the full story
Researchers identify corporate agriculture as major contributor to wealth disparity, inequalityBy Ethan Huff | Read the full story
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Mysterious blasts are being reported across the globe… what’s going on?By Jayson Veley | Read the full story
Monsanto has gone to great lengths to keep documents secret during litigation; judge threatened sanctionsBy Isabelle Z. | Read the full story
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Pentagon’s super-secret research agency DARPA now wants to genetically engineer plants to use as battlefield spying technologyBy JD Heyes | Read the full story
Sponsor: 3 Harmful Foods To Avoid This Holiday Season (#2 Will Surprise You)
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More of Today’s ArticlesBig Pharma profits- Thanks to new AHA guidelines, now half of all Americans have high blood pressure
The American Heart Association just changed its guidelines for high blood pressure, and guess what? Now nearly half of all Americans have the condition, leading some critics to believe this …

Prepper alert- U.S. authorities warning of new terrorism threat to rail system after Al Qaeda provides “how-to” instructions on train derailment
Railroad and mass transit authorities are being warned by an agency belonging to the Department of Homeland Security to be on the lookout for homegrown terrorist threats involving attempts to …

Mother Nature’s amazing tech- Researchers studied dandelions to develop new parachutes, drones
The science behind how dandelions scatter their seeds is carefully being studied by researchers in biomechanics, fluid dynamics, and microfabrication at Scotland’s University of Edinburgh, …

Android devices secretly funnel your private location data to Google (even if you have that setting turned off)
Information has emerged that devices operating with an Android operating system keep track of their locations. A phone’s location data is continuously tracked, even without the presence of a …

How meditation works- It synchronizes key regions in the brain, improving cognitive functions
Meditation can do more than help you relax after a long day. According to an article by Christina Sarich at the Waking Times, several Boston University researchers have discovered how to activate …

Food scientists blame newly discovered “taste” for carbohydrate cravings on taste buds – implying we are victims of our physiology
Food scientists have found evidence that ourtongues have a certain sensitivity to the taste of carbohydrates, making it the sixth official taste that our taste buds are able to detect — apart …

Is addiction a risk of going to the hospital? New model of care suggests offering hospital patients addiction services, regardless of why they are there to “close the gap in treatment”
While patients rely on various drugs to treat their health concerns, medical experts often overlook a crucial aspect of hospital care. More often than not, the patients become addicted to the …

Australia developing wearable “medical black box” for soldiers that records their biometrics while broadcasting an emergency beacon signal
Soldiers in Australia may be getting a new wearable device that keeps track of their health status and whereabouts on the battlefield. In the event a soldier is injured, the biometric device …

Upcycling idea- How to make a DIY chicken coop from a swingset
The increase in poultry farm popularity remains a strong motivator among homesteaders to continually drive production. However, caring for poultry animals such as chickens may prove challenging …

HOGpocalypse taking over Texas with millions of wild pigs… but it’s also easy wild food in a collapse
Wild pig populations in Texas are continuing to expand at a rapid pace. While this may not be the best news for farmers and landowners looking to secure their property, there is an upside to the …

Don’t let annoying people get you down- Learn about the 4 types of jerks, and 3 tactics to avoid them
At some point in our professional careers we get so frustrated that we lash out and treat others harshly. We’re all jerks once in a while. And then there are those who are simply a**holes …

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