More Lies From Netanyahu of the Synagogue of SATAN!

Netanyahu– ‘Iranian regime cares more about hating Israel than about helping its own people’

by TUT editor

The prime minister released a video lamenting Iran’s refusal to receive help from Israel, saying that the Jewish state is always willing to support its neighbors.

ed note–Keep in mind as you read Netayahu’s false lamentations and witness his crocodile tears over this tragedy that every year at Purim, Jews from all over the world CELEBRATE the biblical account of the destruction of the Persian people and do so by eating pastries meant to resemble the body parts of their ancient Persian (Iranian) enemies.

In short, the Jews have no love for the Persians, just as they have no love for anyone else but themselves.

And the ‘Iranian Regime’ knows this all too well. They know that Israel–like any vampire–only extends a ‘helping hand’ in order to draw the neck and jugular veins of her would-be victim closer. Besides the obvious–which is the positive (yet duplicitous) PR Israel hoped to achieve as a result of this, it would also giev the Jewish state the opportunity to get its eyes and ears on the ground as an espionage operation, to say nothing of the organ harvesters that doubtless would be there to ‘cash in’ on the recent disaster by snatching a few kidneys.

The Supreme Leader and his advisers chose the right path. You never get into bed with the devil expecting that you will get out of it in the morning with your life intact.  

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TUT editor | 11/16/2017 at 9:34 |

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