Missing Persons Covered Up by Governments…In This Movie the Government Wants $1.4 Million to Release Records of the Missing in Parks-No Kidding!

OFF THE GRID:  5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.com

Synopsis for OFF THE GRID:

The seventh book in the best selling Missing 411 series written by David Paulides. Based on actual archived reports of search and rescue efforts, what is presented are the facts behind the disappearances of physicists, physicians, professors, hikers, hunters, children, joggers and many others.  Each determined to fit within a larger set criteria of established profile points. Cases span accross thirty states, six Canadian provinces and five countries. Disappearances from national parks, forests and open spaces that have never been discussed or compared to cases of similar nature are included.

Author David Paulides brings twenty-years of law enforcement investigative expertise to the table and is director of the Canam Missing Project — the organization behind the understanding of the missing person issue.  He has presented his findings to the most attended annual search and rescue conference in the world: NASAR, and has spoken at hundred of seminars, meetings and symposiums.

MISSING 411 The Movie

John Barbour, former NBC and Los Angeles movie critic called Missing 411 “ The best documentary of 2017 ”.

From Executive Producer David Paulides comes the much anticipated documentary based on the Missing 411 series. The disappearances of five young boys in the wilderness are brought to light. Interviewees include documentary filmmaker and “Survivorman” Les Stroud, investigative journalist George Knapp and Former Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar. Unexplained disappearances in the wild have been occurring for eons. Join the team as we examine the evidence and the faces behind the stories.

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