John Grissom, Accused Child Molestor

Jon Grissom: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Corey Feldman says actor John Grissom sexually molested him in the 1980s while Feldman was at the height of his fame. Feldman finally named his alleged abuser during an appearance on Dr. Oz’s TV show on November 2. Later in the show, Feldman and the doctor called local police to report the crime. Feldman expressed his anguish that Grissom maintains social media pages that show photos of the child star. Grissom is just one of the people named. Feldman says that he was molested my multiple people during the 1980s.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Grissom Had Been Feldman’s Personal Assistant; During Which Time Feldman Says Grissom Gave the Actor Crack

According to Jon Grissom’s IMDb page, he has only ever appeared in two movies. Both of those starred Corey Feldman. One was License to Drive from 1988 and the other was Dream a Little Dream in 1989. The latter saw Grissom act with Hollywood heavyweights Jason Robards and Harry Dean Stanton. Both films also starred Feldman’s friend, the late Corey Haim. Feldman said during an appearance on Megyn Kelly Today that it was Haim who suffered the worst abuse. Haim’s abuser has previously been named by Feldman under the pseudonym “Tony Burnham.”

Jon Grissom Facebook page

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Grissom had been previously identified by Feldman under the pseudonym “Ron Crimson” in the actor’s book, Coreyography. Feldman said that Grissom had been a family friend before being elevated to a role as the actor’s assistant. Feldman accused “Ron Crimson” of supplying drugs, including crack, to the young actor. He wrote of Crimson, via the New York Post, “It was almost eerie how similar we were. It was as if he had studied me and was copying my every move.” The Stand by Me star said that after taking a “concoction” of pills that Crimson had supplied, the assistant performed oral sex on Feldman.

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In his book, Feldman said, “I don’t know why I couldn’t confront Ron, but I was consumed with guilt. I felt like the whole thing was my fault. I desperately wanted him to stop, but I was afraid of losing my friend.”

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